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ln -s -f `kpsewhich ptmr8a.afm` .
ln -s -f `kpsewhich ptmri8a.afm` .
ln -s -f `kpsewhich ptmb8a.afm` .
ln -s -f `kpsewhich ptmbi8a.afm` .
tex faked-si.tex
for f in *.pl; do pltotf $$f; done
for f in *.vpl; do vptovf $$f; done
mkdir -p fonts/vf/times-itsc
mkdir -p fonts/tfm/times-itsc
mkdir -p tex/latex/times-itsc
cp ptmsc*.vf fonts/vf/times-itsc
cp ptmsc*.tfm fonts/tfm/times-itsc
cp times-itsc.sty times-itsc.tex *.fd tex/latex/times-itsc
tar cvzf times-itsc.tar.gz fonts tex
rm -Rf *.log *.fd *.mtx *.pl *.vpl *.tfm *.vf *.aux *.dvi *.afm fonts tex
cd test; rm -f *.log *.dvi *.pdf *.aux
distclean: clean
rm -f times-itsc.tar.gz
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