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You're Gonna Need A Bigger Quote

View the live demo!

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Quote is the capstone project that I completed for the front-end portion of my time at the Nashville Software School.

What It Does

YGNABQ is a movie quote database which allows the user to create an account using their Gmail address, so that they may take part in some of the application's coolest features, such as:

  • View movie quote metadata such as the quote itself, the character in the film who said it, and the film's release date.
  • On the homepage, you can view the random movie quote of the day.
  • The user can search for a particular movie quote. If that movie quote doesn't exist in the database, they are able to add said quote.
  • Each user has their own "Favorites" list, where they can add any movie quote to reference at a later date.

Technologies Used

  • HTML, CSS & Sass, and Bootstrap 3
  • JavaScript and AngularJS
  • Google's Firebase

Want to try it out?

Just visit to try out the live demo. Feel free to shoot me an email to let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions!

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