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This is Didn't, the testing framework. It was originally designed in Ruby (note the rake task) but can be used with any programming language.

What is Didn't?

Didn't is a testing framework that aims to be lightweight and helps to cut down on new development time by as much as 30-60%. However, the cost for this gain is usually incurred in the support phase. Didn't has been influenced by other testing methodologies such as Testing by Compilation and HDD (Hope-Driven Development).

How do I use Didn't?

The developers of Didn't really invisioned the Didn't development process to be carried out in four to ∞ steps.

  1. Write your code.

  2. Deploy directly to production.

  3. Communicate with users to find out what's broken.

  4. Fix bugs directly in production.

  5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 until users stop bitching.

Note that installing Didn't is completely optional. Not installing Didn't is just as effective in terms of testing as installing Didn't.

What features does Didn't include?

Didn't is still under development but this initial release,, includes the following features:

  1. If you run the rake task, it will let you know if you have ruby and rake installed on your computer.

  2. Installing Didn't will confirm that you have git on your computer (unless you used subversion to install Didn't or copied it from someone else).

  3. Didn't automates the testing process for you.

  4. Didn't cuts down on development time by as much as 40-70%.

  5. If you installed Didn't and your code blows up, there is something wrong.

  6. If you're reading this on Github then your internet is working or was probably working at one point.

  7. There is no number 7.

How do I install and run Didn't?

Run the following commands to install Didn't:

git clone

Then use this to run Didn't (although this is completely optional):

cd didnt
rake test

Future improvements to this README

How to install Didn't into a Rails project.