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- Use var when declaring new variables
- Use semicolons at the end of each line
- Don't start variables/functions with capital letters unless they are constructors
- Put Javascript code in a separate file(s)
- Put YOUR javascript files in app/assets/javascripts
- You can put external javascript files in vendor/assets/javascripts
- Bundle them together
- Using `//= require jQuery` in Rails 3.1+.
- In Rails 2.x and 3.0, you can use :cache.
- Inside app/assets, you can use an MVC/MVR structure
- Avoid globals
- Wrap code in anonymous functions
- Create objects
- Extend jQuery
- Use closures
- Avoid inline HTML in Javascript
- Avoid browser detection
- The `this` keyword points to the current object.
- Sometimes it doesn't point to what you might expect
- You can also redefine this