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Commits on Jan 5, 2012
  1. @tstrachota
  2. @tstrachota
  3. @tstrachota
  4. @tstrachota
  5. @tstrachota
  6. @tstrachota
  7. @tstrachota
  8. @ehelms
  9. @iNecas

    768012 - precalculate path substitutions before creating repos

    iNecas authored
    In case there is some listing file missing, it will fail before creating
    repositories enabling run it again after problem being fixed.
  10. @bbuckingham

    768047 - notices - update to enable usage in controller or model

    bbuckingham authored
    This is a second commit related to bug 768047.  For that bug we need
    to be able to display error notices related to promotions of changesets.
    The challenge, however, is that prior to this commit notices were part
    of the application controller, but changeset promotion is handled as
    a delayed (async) job.  As a result, a notice could not be easily created.
    This commit addresses that restriction.
    This commit pulls the logic for generation of notices out of the
    application controller and in to a common module (lib/utils/notices.rb).
    That module is included in the application controller for access by
    all controllers inheriting from it and it may also be included
    in models that require the ability to generate a notice (e.g. changeset.rb).
    It is important to note that any notice generated as part of an
    aysnc job, must be created as an async notice. For example,
      notice notice_text, {:synchronous_request => false}
    As part of these changes, we also removed the the "errors" method
    for generating error notices.  This method name conflicts with ActiveRecord
    models.  The following is an example:
        errors error_text
        notice error_text, {:level => :error}
Commits on Jan 4, 2012
  1. @jlsherrill

    spec test fix

    jlsherrill authored
  2. @jlsherrill
  3. @jlsherrill
  4. @jlsherrill
  5. @jlsherrill

    unit test addition

    jlsherrill authored
  6. @jlsherrill
  7. @jlsherrill
  8. @ehelms

    753253 - When creating or deleting an entity with a tupane page view,

    ehelms authored
    the total count is now updated properly.
  9. @swarmingbee
  10. @swarmingbee
  11. @bkearney
  12. @ehelms

    750117 - Fixes issue with duplicate search results being returned that

    ehelms authored
    stemmed from pressing enter within the search field too many times.
  13. @swarmingbee
  14. @ehelms

    752177 - Adds clearing of search hash when search input is cleared

    ehelms authored
    manually or via Clear from dropdown.
  15. @swarmingbee
  16. @thomasmckay
  17. @iNecas
  18. @iNecas
  19. @iNecas

    virt-who-vsphere - disable pulp actions

    iNecas authored
    Say with polite exception, that pulp-consumer specific actions are not
    supported for hypervisor.
    The blocked actions are:
      * upload package profile
      * list packages
      * install package
      * update package
      * remove package
  20. @iNecas

    virt-who-vsphere - create hypervisors on virt-who vsphere call

    iNecas authored
    Hypervisor model (inherited from System) holds all hypervisors registered
    against Katello. It's craete on virt-who call of sending hypervisors to CP.
  21. @iNecas

    virt-who-vsphere - support for STI in indexed model

    iNecas authored
    When using single table inheritance, the inherited model needs to include
    IndexedModel as well. This commit achieves, that children are saved to the same
    index like parent.
  22. @swarmingbee

    update to l10n strings

    swarmingbee authored
  23. @iNecas
  24. @iNecas
  25. @iNecas
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