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Commits on Jan 6, 2012
  1. @mccun934
Commits on Jan 5, 2012
  1. @parthaa

    Fixed some broken oauth url logic

    parthaa authored
    Pulp incorrectly handled oauth on requests where multiple query parameters with the same name were present
    Katello massaged its implementation to deal with this.
    But this bandaid is no longer necessary since pulp has fixed its oauth implementation
    So removing that contorted logic
  2. @parthaa
  3. @parthaa
  4. @mccun934
  5. @mccun934

    util to delete katello

    mccun934 authored
  6. @parthaa
  7. @parthaa
  8. @ehelms
  9. @ehelms

    Re-comments out view code that is not currently functional that got

    ehelms authored
    enabled from previous bug fix 761277.
  10. @thomasmckay

    Bug 771735 - error visiting logged in user's admin page

    thomasmckay authored
    + For a user unable to read any users the users page was not reachable
  11. @parthaa

    Fixed some merge conflicts

    parthaa authored
  12. @parthaa

    fixed some unit tests

    parthaa authored
  13. @knowncitizen

    760805 - Fix for the upload button - made it a link so that it didn't…

    knowncitizen authored
    … look different due to styling issues. Also now it floats properly.
  14. @thomasmckay

    Merge branch 'master' into sys-left-update

    thomasmckay authored
  15. @thomasmckay
  16. @parthaa
  17. @thomasmckay
  18. @parthaa

    Made the task status search index use the standard search instead of …

    parthaa authored
    …snowball for '*' query to work
  19. @thomasmckay
  20. @ehelms

    761277 - When creating or editing a product or repository, if there are

    ehelms authored
    no gpg keys for the current organization a message is displayed stating
    such instead of a blank dropdown.
  21. @parthaa
  22. @tstrachota
  23. @tstrachota
  24. @thomasmckay
  25. @tstrachota
  26. @tstrachota
  27. @tstrachota
  28. @tstrachota
  29. @tstrachota
  30. @tstrachota
  31. @parthaa

    fixed some merge conflicts

    parthaa authored
  32. @parthaa
  33. @thomasmckay

    Works! Newly noticed problem, though, is that on refresh the left val…

    thomasmckay authored
    …ue is set as the right title (to make sure that a name change updates on the right). In systems, though, I had added the status icon which is showing up too now. panel.js needs fixing.
  34. @parthaa
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