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Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. @lzap
  2. @lzap
  3. @lzap

    binding - better error reporting

    lzap authored
  4. @lzap
  5. @parthaa

    740964 - Added validation to make sure that there is atleast 1 user i…

    parthaa authored
    …n the Administrator/superadmin role
Commits on Feb 6, 2012
  1. @weissjeffm

    Fixing agent conf file to match katello wiki page. Removing

    weissjeffm authored
    now-superfluous install step from wiki.
  2. @jortel
  3. @jortel
  4. @bbuckingham
  5. @thomasmckay
  6. @mccun934
  7. @lzap
  8. @lzap
  9. @bbuckingham

    787745 - system template - fix download containing distros

    bbuckingham authored
    A recent commit updated all resources to be uri encoded
    (930851c).  Unfortunately,
    distribution names were already being encoded.  As a result, this
    double encoding caused problems for that case.
    This commit removes the encoding from pulp requests for distributions.
  10. @iNecas

    system tests - use repo with space in distribution name

    iNecas authored
    It reproduces an issue with space encoding.
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap
  13. @lzap
  14. @lzap
  15. @thomasmckay

    785799 - show error message suggesting use of force upload not shown …

    thomasmckay authored
    …when force upload is already set
  16. @bbuckingham

    786598 - system templates - improve support for repos having same name

    bbuckingham authored
    In Katello, it is possible to have multiple repositories with the same
    name (e.g. repoX) across multiple products.
    This commit contains changes to improve Katello's ability to support
    that with System Templates.  Essentially, allow the user to pick a
    specific repo and add it to a template.  This applies when selecting
    the repo from the left content tree or when using the auto-complete
    search box from within the right template tree.
    In the case of auto-complete, as the user types the repo name,
    Katello will provide the repos that match along with the product
    they are part of.  If the user picks from the auto-complete results,
    only the selected repo will be added to the template.  If the user
    ignores the auto-complete results and adds the repo explicitly
    based on what they typed, then Katello will add all repos that
    match to the template.
  17. @tstrachota
  18. @tstrachota
  19. @tstrachota

    sync plan cli - various fixes

    tstrachota authored
    - fixed wrong strings created by copy-paste from other commands
    - it is now possible to update only date and time together
  20. @iNecas
  21. @iNecas
  22. @iNecas
  23. @iNecas

    system-tests - temporarily disable uebercert

    iNecas authored
    It's causing problems when wiping the database. The fix is comming in
    cp-0.5.16-1. Enabling this test again after new CP release.
  24. @tstrachota
  25. @iNecas
  26. @iNecas
  27. @iNecas

    771957 - let repositories deal with content deletion

    iNecas authored
    Only marketing products must deal with deleting product - content assignment in
    CP. For engineering products there are repositories created, which delete the
    content when they are removed. This change prevents trying to delete the
    content twice while deleting product.
    The other posibility would be to prevent deleting of conent in repository in
    case product is being deleted and let product handle it all, but there would be
    necessary a mechanism for finding out if the repo orchestration happens during
    product orchestration or not - when not repo should handle content deletion
  28. @iNecas

    delayed-job-logging - better handling of logging in development

    iNecas authored
    When running the dealyed jobs with commend:
      ./script/delayed_job run
    the logs of delayed job worker (including Rails.logger) are written into
    log/development_delayed_jobs.log and sql logs go into
    log/development_delayed_jobs_sql.log. This helpes better track what happnes
    while runnin async operation, especially calling of remote services.
  29. @iNecas
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @parthaa
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