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Commits on Aug 3, 2011
  1. @lzap
  2. @lzap
  3. Merge branch 'system_errata'

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
  4. added a test for Api::SystemsController#errata call

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
  5. listing of errata by system is functional now

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
  6. @komidore64

    added a script to make rake routes output prettier

    komidore64 authored
    Run script/routes to view formatted routes output.
    Grep on it to narrow results, etc.
  7. @bbuckingham

    Views - update grid in various partial to account for panel size change

    bbuckingham authored
    This is minor change to some of the view partials to take advantage of the
    additional space that has been made available in the right pane due to
    resizing of the left panel.
    Note: activation keys partials will be updated in the a-keys branch
    to avoid merge conflicts with work currently being done there.
  8. @bbuckingham
Commits on Aug 2, 2011
  1. @lzap
  2. @ehelms

    726760 - Notices: Fixes issue with promotion notice appearing on every

    ehelms authored
    page.  Fixes issue with synchronous notices not being marked as viewed.
  3. @ehelms
  4. @ehelms
Commits on Aug 1, 2011
  1. @mccun934
  2. @ehelms
  3. @mccun934
  4. @mccun934

    switching to new lib64 dir

    mccun934 authored
  5. @jlsherrill
  6. @komidore64
  7. @lzap
  8. @lzap
  9. @lzap

    spec - rpmlint cleanup

    lzap authored
Commits on Jul 29, 2011
  1. @jlsherrill
  2. @jlsherrill
  3. @bbuckingham
  4. @ehelms

    2panel - Adds default left panel sizing depending on number of columns

    ehelms authored
    for left panel in 2 panel views.  Adds option to 2panel for default
    width to be customizably set using left_panel_width option.
  5. @ehelms
  6. @komidore64

    removed unneeded call

    komidore64 authored
  7. @komidore64
  8. @komidore64
  9. @komidore64
  10. @komidore64
  11. Merge branch 'master' into system_errata

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
  12. fixed an issue with Api::ActivationKeysController#index when list of …

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
    …all keys for an environment was being retrieved
  13. added a test of cli activation key CRUD operations

    Dmitri Dolguikh authored
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