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Commits on Sep 5, 2011
  1. Lukáš Zapletal
Commits on Sep 2, 2011
  1. Tomas Strachota

    730358 - repo discovery now uses asynchronous tasks

    tstrachota authored
    - the route has been changed to /organizations/ID/repositories/discovery/
  2. Ivan Necas

    735359 - Don't create content in CP when creating a repo.

    iNecas authored
    Otherwise it causes this repo to be exposed to the registered system.
  3. Bryan Kearney
  4. Bryan Kearney
  5. Bryan Kearney
  6. Tomas Strachota
  7. Lukáš Zapletal
Commits on Sep 1, 2011
  1. Partha Aji
  2. Lukáš Zapletal
  3. Lukáš Zapletal
  4. Eric D Helms

    Changes roles and permission success and error notices to include the

    ehelms authored
    name of the role/permission and fit the format of other pages.
  5. Ivan Necas

    Validate uniqueness of repo name within a product scope

    iNecas authored
    As a system, I should enforce that repo names are unique within a product.
    When user tries to create a repo with the same name as already is in the
    product, it raises ConflictException and return 409 status code in API.
  6. Lukáš Zapletal
  7. Lukáš Zapletal
  8. Tomas Strachota
  9. Tomas Strachota
  10. Tomas Strachota

    products - cp name now join of <org_name>-<product_name>

    tstrachota authored
    used to be <provider_name>-<product_name>
  11. Tomas Strachota

    cli - new behaviour of verbose/grep output switching

    tstrachota authored
    - for printing single item verbose is default
    - for printing collection of items grep is default
    - can be forced by flags -v, -g or in the config file
  12. Tomas Strachota

    sync - comparing strings instead of symbols in sync_status

    tstrachota authored
    fix for AR returning symbols
  13. Tomas Strachota

    repo cli - parameter --repo_id renamed to --id

    tstrachota authored
    to make the cli uniform
  14. Tomas Strachota

    sync - fix for sync_status failing

    tstrachota authored
    when there were no syncable subitems
    (repos for product, products for providers)
  15. Tomas Strachota
  16. Tomas Strachota
  17. Tomas Strachota
  18. Tomas Strachota
  19. Tomas Strachota
  20. Tomas Strachota
  21. Tomas Strachota
  22. Tomas Strachota

    cli tests - repo status

    tstrachota authored
  23. Tomas Strachota
  24. Tomas Strachota
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
  1. Eric D Helms
  2. Eric D Helms

    Further re-work of HTML and JS model naming convention. Changes the

    ehelms authored
    behavior of setting the HTML id for each model type by introducing a
    simple controller_name function that returns the controller name to be
    used for tupane, edit, delete and list items.
  3. Eric D Helms

    Adds KT javascript global object for all other modules to attach to.

    ehelms authored
    Moves helptip and common to be attached to KT.
    This change is aimed at reducing the global object footprint custom
    javascript files leave behind and make debugging easier by being able to
    find custom modules attached to the single global object in debug
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