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Tag: katello-0.1.94…
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
  1. @lzap
  2. @lzap

    adding db:truncate rake task

    lzap authored
  3. @tstrachota
  4. @tstrachota
  5. @tstrachota
Commits on Oct 16, 2011
  1. @abenari
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
  1. @parthaa

    Fixed a unit test

    parthaa authored
  2. @parthaa
  3. @bbuckingham

    744067 - Promotions - Errata UI - clean up format on Packages tab

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit is to clean up format of the packages tab.  Previously, it
    just dumped the pkg list to the pane.  This change will put it in tabular
    format with a filter to simplify using the data presented.  This commit
    only includes the name of the package; however, we may want to add additional
    details in a future commit.  Attributes available per package include:
    name, version, release, arch, epoc, src rpm, filename rpm and sum.
    This commit also updates the view to use the tupane_layout.
  4. @bbuckingham

    741416 - organizations ui - list orgs using same sort order as on rol…

    bbuckingham authored
    …es pg
    This commit will order the organizations on Organizations -> List using the
    same sort order that they are listed on the Roles page.
    list as:
    aaa, AAB, BBB, bbc, ccc, CCD
    instead of:
    AAB, BBB, CCD, aaa, bbc, ccc
  5. @swarmingbee
  6. @swarmingbee
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
  1. @jlsherrill

    745315 -changing application controller to not include all helpers in…

    jlsherrill authored
    … all controllers, this stops helper methods with the same name from overwriding each other
  2. @parthaa
  3. @bkearney
  4. @ehelms

    720432 - Moves the small x that closes the filter on sliding tree

    ehelms authored
    widgets to be directly to the right of the filter.
  5. @bbuckingham
  6. @iNecas
  7. @iNecas

    Pulp.conf remove_old_packages renamed to remove_old_versions

    iNecas authored
    Change introduced in pulp 0.0.237
Commits on Oct 12, 2011
  1. @parthaa
  2. @parthaa
  3. @parthaa
  4. @mccun934
  5. @bkearney
  6. @lzap
  7. @adelton @lzap

    Add support for command line options and user answer file to katello-…

    adelton authored lzap committed
    On Fri, Oct 07, 2011 at 03:50:25PM +0200, Lukas Zapletal wrote:
    > On 10/07/2011 12:17 PM, Jan Pazdziora wrote:
    > >
    > >please review a patch which is a start of moving default values from
    > >the params.pp files to an answer file, to be able to then merge
    > >default and custom answer files, plus command line options to
    > >katello-configure. With the default values in this particular patch,
    > >it's possible to do
    > Pushed, thanks. Going to test it today.
    > 84df2c3 Add support for answer files.
    attached please find two patches to katello-configure. The first one
    just rewrites the original shell script to ruby, the second one
    adds support for command line options and user answer file.
    The idea here is that if you want some aspect of the project
    configurable by the user/admin upon the katello-configure time, you
    - come up with config value name;
    - you specify the default value in puppet/default-answer-file
    - by doing so, the same value can be used in user's custom file, and
      will override the default answer file value;
    - in also enables this name as command-line option to
      katello-configure (with double dashes and dashes instead of
    - the command-line options take precedence over the values previously
      accumulated from the answer files;
    - the katello-configure will store the non-default values in
    - which is where the puppet manifests will get the information from
      (besides the default answer file) when you do
      katello_config_value('config_name') in puppet.
    Comments in the default answer files are displayed by
    katello-configure --help and once someone tells me how to best
    generate man pages from rdoc upon build-time, I plan to put them to
    the man page as well. This way, there is only one place where options
    are defined and documented.
    If this approach sounds sane, I'd ask all engineers to amend the
    default-answer-file and respective .pp file(s) with values that should
    be configurable upon katello-configure time.
    Comments welcome.
    Jan Pazdziora
    Principal Software Engineer, Satellite Engineering, Red Hat
    >From 4ddd914752327fe2011f010dbc1c97161bc27e42 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
    From: Jan Pazdziora <>
    Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:39:23 +0200
    Subject: [PATCH 1/2] Turn katello-configure to ruby instead of bash.
  8. @swarmingbee

    update to translations

    swarmingbee authored
  9. @iNecas
  10. @iNecas

    Fix for accidentaly faling tests

    iNecas authored
    Don't use merge! for shared test data. Otherwise it causes test fails
  11. @swarmingbee
  12. @swarmingbee
  13. @iNecas
  14. @bbuckingham

    search - fix system save and notices search

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit contains a couple of small fixes to enable saving of favorites
    for systems and search queries for notices page.
  15. @knowncitizen

    Pub key.

    knowncitizen authored
  16. @iNecas

    Small refactoring

    iNecas authored
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