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Commits on Dec 12, 2011
  1. Tomas Strachota
  2. Tomas Strachota
  3. Tomas Strachota

    product api - fix for permission problem when listing repos

    tstrachota authored
    Api was returning permission exception when all product repositories were disabled.
  4. Tomas Strachota
  5. Tomas Strachota
  6. Tomas Strachota
Commits on Dec 9, 2011
  1. Ivan Necas
  2. Ivan Necas
  3. thomasmckay
  4. Lukáš Zapletal
  5. Lukáš Zapletal
  6. thomasmckay
  7. thomasmckay


    thomasmckay authored
  8. Lukáš Zapletal
  9. Lukáš Zapletal
  10. Lukáš Zapletal
  11. Tomas Strachota
Commits on Dec 8, 2011
  1. thomasmckay
  2. thomasmckay
  3. Shannon Hughes
  4. thomasmckay
  5. Mike McCune
  6. Mike McCune
  7. Brad Buckingham
  8. Brad Buckingham

    packages - update so that loading System->Packages shows actions in p…

    bbuckingham authored
    Prior to this commit, when rendering the packages pane, we only showed
    the list of packages in the system's profile.
    With this commit, we'll look to see if there are any pending package
    actions for the system.  If so, we'll display those and continue to monitor
    them while the pane is open.
  9. Lukáš Zapletal

    adding *swp into gitignores

    lzap authored
  10. Mike McCune
  11. Lukáš Zapletal
  12. Lukáš Zapletal
  13. Ivan Necas
  14. Ivan Necas

    reimport-manifest - don't delete untracked products when importing

    iNecas authored
    As a work-around for deleting an organization with some product not tracked in
    Katello this products were deleted right after the manifest. The problem with
    with this showed up, when an uebercert was created (and therefore a product that
    is not in the Katello). When reimporting, Katello tried to remove this ueber
    product which caused validation error on the Candlepin side.
    Therefore now we don't delete any product on manifest import. It seems this
    problem with untracked products that caused problem on deleting an organization
    got away with new manifest.
  15. Ivan Necas

    reimport-manifest - don't manipulate CP content on promotion

    iNecas authored
    Before this commit, Katello removed CP content after importing manifest.
    Also custom content was created in the time of promotion instead of on
    product creation.
    Manipulating the RedHat content out of Candlepin tent to break Candlepin
    re-import functionality. It also got broken after importing manifest for
    more organizations.
    After this commit the content is created only on product creation
    (manual or through manifest import) and nothing changes on the CP side
    when promoting products or repositories.
  16. Ivan Necas

    reimport-manifest - repos relative paths conform with content url

    iNecas authored
    Instead of deleting content in CP to create customized content url we set Pulp
    repository accoriding to original content url.
  17. Ivan Necas
  18. Lukáš Zapletal
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