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Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @tstrachota
  2. @tstrachota
  3. @tstrachota
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @jsomara

    771343 - adding proxying for /javascripts in /etc/httpd/conf.d/katell…

    jsomara committed
    …o.conf so the images ec dont 404
  2. @bkearney
  3. @bkearney
  4. @bkearney

    754856: Define the userdir only in the Config module

    bkearney committed
    This will allow headpin, or others, to override the location
  5. @bbuckingham

    771333 - fix password reset

    bbuckingham committed
    This commit fixes the user password reset.  It includes making sure
    that User.current is set for use by the password reset logic.  In addition,
    it fixes a bug where the User model was incorrectly performing
    'self.current' versus 'User.current'.
  6. @swarmingbee
  7. @jsomara
  8. @bbuckingham

    packages - fix broken test

    bbuckingham committed
    Fix text that was broken when moved to using a different
    api for retrieving package names...
  9. @ehelms

    784319 - Fixes issue with Default Organization not being set on user

    ehelms committed
    Adds mechanism when registering a tupane page with KT.panel to specify
    extra create parameters when saving a new entity.
  10. @parthaa
  11. @parthaa
  12. @parthaa

    removed an unused method

    parthaa committed
  13. @ehelms
  14. @bbuckingham

    783329 - fix indexing of pkgs for elastic search and use in system te…

    bbuckingham committed
    …mplates UI
    This commit makes some modifications to the indexing of packages
    for elastic search.  The primary change is to allow us to support
    'autocomplete' by providing an ngram filter on packages.  This also
    allows for us to use the same name_search when the user provides the
    full package name or partial.
    Also, updated the system template UI to use the elastic search query
    vs pulp.
    Note: for system templates the auto-complete will sort the results based
    on 'most relevent'... We may want to improve this in the future to only
    show those that are absolutely relevant (e.g. only show entries that contain
    exactly the characters typed.)
  15. @ehelms

    745955 - Fixes issue where creating a new system template and then

    ehelms committed
    clicking Package Groups resulted in being return to list of templates.
  16. @ehelms

    754724 - Now when viewing a promoting changeset's details all action

    ehelms committed
    buttons will be disabled.
  17. @thomasmckay

    784009 - ESX hypervisors don't show up in Web UI systems

    thomasmckay committed
    + On Details tab the System Type will be listed as "Hypervisor"
    + Software tab will display "Hypervisors do not have software products"
    + Packages tab will display "Hypervisors do not have packages"
    + Software tab will display "Hypervisors do not have errata"
  18. @lzap
  19. @mbacovsky
  20. @mbacovsky
  21. @mbacovsky

    782775 - Unify unsubscription in RHSM and Katello CLI

    mbacovsky committed
    This patch also fixes or affects other related  bugs:
    767470 - Unable to fetch subscription serial numbers from cli
    772183 - ProvidedProducts: displays too much of information for RH Pools
    773521 - Help text should include "entitlement ID" instead of "pool id"
    when un-subscribing a product
    system unsubscribe --org <org> --name <name> --entitlement <ent_id>
    system unsubscribe --org <org> --name <name> --serial <serial_id>
    system unsubscribe --org <org> --name <name> --all
    Serial and entitlement ids are listed via:
    system subscrptions --org <org> --name <name>
    Available pools via
    system subscrptions --org <org> --name <name> --available
  22. @mbacovsky

    Added require_one_of_options checker to CLI Action

    mbacovsky committed
    For usage see test/
  23. @mbacovsky
  24. @mbacovsky

    Resolves 767470 - Unable to fetch subscription serial numbers from cli

    mbacovsky committed
    Resolves 772183 - ProvidedProducts: displays too much of information for
    RH Pools
  25. @mccun934
  26. @mccun934
  27. @parthaa

    768484 - Removed the User suicide option

    parthaa committed
    Removed the ability of a user to delete himself. We basically check for it in the deletable call
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @parthaa
  2. @ehelms

    761291 - Adds remove organization link to current organization but makes

    ehelms committed
    it unclickable with tooltip explaining to user why.
  3. @ehelms
  4. @parthaa
  5. @swarmingbee

    dist-git tito prep

    swarmingbee committed
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