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Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @tstrachota
  2. @tstrachota
  3. @lzap
  4. @lzap
  5. @tstrachota
  6. @tstrachota
  7. @lzap
  8. @lzap
  9. @lzap
  10. @lzap
  11. @lzap

    Revert "Make default logging level be warn"

    lzap authored
    If this method (or any orchestration action) returns false (or nil), our
    orchestration is stopped with an error.
    Unfortunately (or thankfully) after Bryan's patch (setting logging level to
    info) the statement started to return nil which
    effectively stopped our orchestration.
    We obviously test this with higher levels (e.g. debug) but not lower levels
    (like warn or fatal or error :-)
    I am reverting Bryan's change, because I already did a review of our info
    logging messages and we should not have many of them anymore (only six).
    I created new BZ for this issue - we should review all possible settings of
    KATELLO_LOGGING. We might need to correct all orchestration action methods,
    or maybe the way we deal with return values from them. That would fix them
  12. @lzap
  13. @lzap
  14. @lzap
  15. @lzap
  16. @lzap
  17. @lzap
  18. @lzap
  19. @tstrachota
  20. @tstrachota

    changesets - fixed validations

    tstrachota authored
    It was not checking whether the distribution's repo has been promoted.
    Validations for other content is also simplified by this commit.
  21. @tstrachota
  22. @lzap
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @mbacovsky
  2. @mbacovsky

    Fixed failing tests

    mbacovsky authored
  3. @weissjeffm
  4. @bkearney
  5. @mccun934
  6. @bkearney
  7. @knowncitizen

    Removing accounts.js

    knowncitizen authored
  8. @lzap
  9. @mbacovsky
  10. @mbacovsky
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap
  13. @iNecas

    769954 - org and repo names in custom repo content label

    iNecas authored
    Changing form of generated label from {}-{} to
    {}_{}_{}. The reason is that this label is showen
    in redhat.repo and therefore it should be more user friendly.
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