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Commits on Sep 6, 2011
  1. @lzap
  2. @lzap
  3. @swarmingbee
  4. @lzap
  5. @ohadlevy

    Puppet modules for Katello, Candlepin and Pulp

    ohadlevy authored ohadlevy committed
    Warning: Limited testing :)
  6. @swarmingbee

    Merge branch 'master' into sub

    swarmingbee authored
  7. @lzap
  8. @tstrachota
Commits on Sep 5, 2011
  1. @iNecas

    Fix missing import in CLI

    iNecas authored
  2. @iNecas
  3. @iNecas
  4. @iNecas
  5. @iNecas

    Cli support for package groups and package group categories

    iNecas authored
    katello package_group list --repoid repo-123
    katello package_group info --repoid repo-123 --id group-123
    katello package_group category_list --repoid repo-123
    katello package_group category_info --repoid repo-123 --id category-123
  6. @iNecas
  7. @lzap
Commits on Sep 2, 2011
  1. @knowncitizen
  2. @knowncitizen

    Refresh of subs page.

    knowncitizen authored
  3. @knowncitizen

    Area to re-render subs.

    knowncitizen authored
  4. @tstrachota

    730358 - repo discovery now uses asynchronous tasks

    tstrachota authored
    - the route has been changed to /organizations/ID/repositories/discovery/
  5. @swarmingbee
  6. @knowncitizen
  7. @knowncitizen
  8. @swarmingbee
  9. @iNecas

    735359 - Don't create content in CP when creating a repo.

    iNecas authored
    Otherwise it causes this repo to be exposed to the registered system.
  10. @swarmingbee
  11. @bkearney
  12. @bkearney
  13. @bkearney
  14. @tstrachota
  15. @lzap
  16. @knowncitizen

    More subscriptions work. Rounded top box with shadow and borders. Fix…

    knowncitizen authored
    …ed some other stuff with spinner.
  17. @knowncitizen
  18. @knowncitizen
  19. @knowncitizen
  20. @knowncitizen
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