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Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. @tstrachota
  2. @tstrachota
  3. @tstrachota
  4. @tstrachota
  5. @tstrachota
  6. @tstrachota
  7. @lzap
  8. @lzap
  9. @lzap
  10. @lzap
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap

    802346 - wait for postgres to come up in puppet

    lzap authored
    Now proper fix for this issue
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. @parthaa

    800573 - Comprehensive bug fix to deal with mass-assign vulnerability

    parthaa authored
    Basic approach used here was to add a "params_rules" method to almost
    every controller where a create!(params) or update_attributes!(params)
    calls were being made. Basically params on  methods doing that now will
    now be checked via rules and errored out if the params passed in donot
    match. Also updated the unit tests that go with this for each
    modified controller method.
  2. @parthaa
  3. @jlsherrill
  4. @iNecas

    799357 - provide descriptive information on CDN access denied

    iNecas authored
    When imported manifest is not valid and CDN refuses it, UI and CLI provides
    more descriptive information about what happened.
  5. @lzap
  6. @lzap

    Revert "802346 - wait for postgres to come up in puppet"

    lzap authored
    This reverts commit caef237.
    This is thowing error:
    err: Could not apply complete catalog: Found dependency cycles in the
    following relationships:
    Reverting, not sure what is wrong now.
  7. @iNecas
  8. @iNecas

    770693 - handle repos without repofile in katello-agent

    iNecas authored
    Katello-agent wasn't running properly on system registered with rhn. Binding to
    repositories was failing because the rhn repos have no repofile. With this
    commit agent skips this repositories.
  9. @iNecas

    repo_generator - option to use prebuilded packages

    iNecas authored
    Makes it easy to use the packages built on another machines (e.g. older RHEL)
    to keep the backward compatibility of the packages in a fake repo.
  10. @lzap
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap
  13. @lzap
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @bbuckingham

    803409 - providers - on provider create, open products & repos tab

    bbuckingham authored
    Prior to this commit, when a user created a new provider, the
    provider would be opened to the Details tab.  The correct behavior
    is to open to the Products & Repos tab, which is what the user would
    see if they were to later open an existing provider.
  2. @bbuckingham

    803420 - 2pane - incorrect pane opens on object create

    bbuckingham authored
    When creating an item (e.g. provider, user, org, system...etc) in
    2-pane, after the create the incorrect item is opened.  Essentially,
    the new item is added to the bottom of the list, but the first item
    in the list is opened.
    This issue is actually a regression related to a fix that went in
    for endless scroll on 2pane.
    In order to address this issue, there is now an append and prepend
    for the 2-pane list.  This will allow support for item creation
    and endless scroll.
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. @iNecas
  2. @iNecas
  3. @iNecas
  4. @iNecas
  5. @iNecas
  6. @pitr-ch
  7. @bbuckingham

    799357 - manifest import - fix for nil error message

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit addresses the 'undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass'
    error that was occuring on a manifest import that generated a 403 forbidden
    from the CDN.  It provides a standard failure message and places the
    backtrace in the error notices optional details.
    Currently, the controller does not have access to further details; however,
    that may change very soon.  When it does, we'll revisit this logic to see
    if additional changes are needed.
  8. @iNecas

    803441 - add support for spaces in system tests --rand-prefix command

    iNecas authored
    Allows the automation of detection of problems when spaces are in names of
    organizations, products, repos etc.
      scripts/system-test/cli_system-test "all" --rand-prefix "a a"
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