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Commits on Jun 18, 2012
  1. @lzap
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @mccun934

    Merge pull request #212 from ehelms/master

    mccun934 authored
    Updates to CLI Unit Tests
  2. @ehelms
  3. @knowncitizen

    Merge pull request #211 from ehelms/master

    knowncitizen authored
    Fixes for Compass Mixins
  4. @ehelms
  5. @ehelms
  6. @knowncitizen

    Merge pull request #199 from bbuckingham/fork-group_events

    knowncitizen authored
    system groups - introduce system group event history in the UI
  7. @bbuckingham

    Merge branch 'fork-master' into fork-group_events

    bbuckingham authored
  8. @knowncitizen

    Merge pull request #210 from pitr-ch/gemfile_version_fix

    knowncitizen authored
    katello - fix Gemfile versions
  9. @bbuckingham
  10. @knowncitizen @bbuckingham
  11. @pitr-ch

    katello - fix Gemfile versions

    pitr-ch authored
    add upper limits to some gem versions
    which fixes issues when installing also from
  12. @bbuckingham

    system groups - minor updates to job and task_status

    bbuckingham authored
    Minor updates based on pull request suggestions.
  13. @bbuckingham

    task_status - rename method names based

    bbuckingham authored
    Updating a couple of method names based on pull request comments.
Commits on Jun 14, 2012
  1. @knowncitizen

    Merge pull request #198 from ehelms/froyo

    knowncitizen authored
    Login and Password/Username Recovery Changes
  2. @jlsherrill

    Merge pull request #208 from bbuckingham/fork-group_count

    jlsherrill authored
    activation keys - update subscriptions pane to use the panel_link
  3. @bbuckingham

    activation keys - update subscriptions pane to use the panel_link

    bbuckingham authored
    This small commit is to use the panel_link to reduce some code.
  4. @jlsherrill

    Merge pull request #204 from bbuckingham/fork-group_count

    jlsherrill authored
    system groups - include system count in UI Details and CLI Info
  5. @bbuckingham

    rename navigation_element as panel_link, use it for link on group pane

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit is based on an excellent suggestion by jsherrill to leverage
    the navigation_element in the panel.js to handle the new link
    added to the System Groups -> Details pane.
    The navigation_element was originally added when we needed to support
    3rd level navs within a panel (e.g. to avoid the normal redirect
    that occurs when a user clicks a link in the 1st or 2nd level
    nav); however, it is actually something that can be used by any
    link on a pane where do not want to leave the page and basically
    want to go to another pane.  As a result, renaming it to
  6. @bbuckingham

    system groups - api - include total system count in system group info

    bbuckingham authored
    When a user invokes 'system_group info' on a group, include in the
    response the number of systems currently assigned to it.
  7. @bbuckingham

    system groups - add system count to Details page

    bbuckingham authored
    Update UI so that the Details pane of the System Groups UI includes
    a count for the number of systems in the group.  If user clicks
    the count, they will be sent to the System's pane which lists those
  8. @thomasmckay

    Merge pull request #203 from mbacovsky/executable_upgrade_scripts

    thomasmckay authored
    katello-upgrade is looking only for scripts marked as executable
  9. @mbacovsky
  10. @ehelms

    Removes no longer used route and asset declaration.

    ehelms authored
    Adds back template rendering test case for change password.
  11. @thomasmckay

    Merge pull request #152 from lzap/preallocation_824362

    thomasmckay authored
    824362 - puppet preallocates journal on F16+
  12. @iNecas

    Merge pull request #202 from pitr-ch/fix_gettext_translations

    iNecas authored
    830713 - broken gettext translations
  13. @iNecas

    Merge pull request #201 from pitr-ch/828308-updating_sync_plan_does_n…

    iNecas authored
    828308 - Updating sync plan does not update associated product's (repo's) sync schedule
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
  1. @bbuckingham
  2. @pitr-ch
  3. @ehelms
  4. @pitr-ch
  5. @thomasmckay
  6. @tstrachota
  7. @tstrachota
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @bbuckingham
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