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Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. @jsomara
  2. @jsomara

    801786 - removing client.conf from katello-headpin-cli package

    jsomara authored
    (cherry picked from commit d25c40f)
Commits on Mar 7, 2012
  1. @jsomara
  2. @jsomara

    gen_changes run

    jsomara authored
  3. @jsomara
  4. @jsomara
  5. @jsomara
  6. @iNecas

    794799 - fix deleting organization

    iNecas authored
    We don't have to perfom the check about last environment, when organization is
    being deleted.
    (cherry picked from commit 033f96d)
  7. @codificat @bkearney

    752547: Add -notar option to improve integratoin with sos tooling

    codificat authored bkearney committed
    (cherry picked from commit 9908413)
  8. @mccun934
  9. @tstrachota

    794799 - fixed order of deleting environments in system tests

    tstrachota authored
    (cherry picked from commit c768fae)
  10. @iNecas

    799149 - fix system tests

    iNecas authored
    (cherry picked from commit 531c540)
  11. @mbacovsky

    800318 - installer fails: Working directory '/var/www/html/pub' does …

    mbacovsky authored
    …not exist
    (cherry picked from commit 40d586a)
  12. @iNecas

    794883 - wait for repositories to be synced when promoting template

    iNecas authored
    Otherwise there might be a conflict in promoting more templates.
    (cherry picked from commit d4c6fd1)
  13. @iNecas

    799149 - fix problems when adding repo to a template

    iNecas authored
    (cherry picked from commit 59ea0b8)
  14. @bkearney
  15. @mccun934
  16. @mccun934

    788708 - moving the var/www/html/pub dir creation a bit higher up

    mccun934 authored
    Previously it was created after it was actually needed.
    (cherry picked from commit 1d7ea9a)
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
  1. @jlsherrill

    799149 - disabling template product addition/removal from cli

    jlsherrill authored
    (cherry picked from commit 305077c)
  2. @jlsherrill
  3. @mccun934
  4. @mccun934
  5. @mccun934
  6. @mccun934
  7. @jwmatthews @mccun934

    800093 - CRL was non functional without these config options

    jwmatthews authored mccun934 committed
    We also fixed us not being able to use SSL by specifying
    that our self signed certs were coming from a sslCA
    The cause of the CRL not working was the lack of "CRL Sign" under
    "X509v3 Key Usage".
    X509v3 Key Usage:
      Digital Signature, Key Encipherment, Certificate Sign, CRL Sign
    Additionally, Bryan saw a problem with SSL communication not working, I
    added "sslCA" to the 'nsCertType', I think this may fix that separate
    issue.  Previously the cert only supported "SSL Server", not "SSL CA".
    Netscape Cert Type:
      SSL Server, SSL CA
    (cherry picked from commit b185d1d)
  8. @lzap

    788708 - removing legacy bootstrap script and generator

    lzap authored
    (cherry picked from commit 6269701)
  9. @thomasmckay

    788008 - do not attempt to poll errata status when user does not have…

    thomasmckay authored
    … edit permission
    (cherry picked from commit 570877c)
  10. @bkearney

    Merge branch 'SYSTEM-ENGINE-1.0' of git+ssh://axiom.lab.eng.rdu.redha…

    bkearney authored
    … into SYSTEM-ENGINE-1.0
  11. @bkearney

    798430: Keep the permissions for the candlepin.conf file the same as …

    bkearney authored
    …the spec file
    (cherry picked from commit f959869)
Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. @jlsherrill

    798706 - making promotions block on repodata generation for non-compl…

    jlsherrill authored
    …ete repo promotions
    (cherry picked from commit 93dcbb7)
  2. @bbuckingham

    796852, 789533 - search - update to handle - search queries

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit is to address the issue raised by the above bugs with
    respect to inability to search for repo and package names that contain
    a -.  That said, this commit is a broader fix to handle searching
    any content that contains a -.
    The search query syntax used by Katello is based on Lucene query syntax.
    In that syntax, the - is a predefined operator.  In
    order to not have that behavior applied, the user must escape the
    operator (e.g. /-).  Unfortunately, that is a hassle for Katello users since
    - is commonly used as a seperator in things like package and repo names.
    As a result, we have chosen to disable the - operator in queries from
    Katello.  This means that any - entered will be automatically escaped.
    As an alternative, we could have chosen not to use Lucene syntax at all;
    however, Lucene does provide several of the capabilities that are useful
    to uses (e.g. such as support for AND, OR...etc).
    (cherry picked from commit 6b9ea70)
  3. @mbacovsky

    799138 - katello-configure --deployment=headpin fails

    mbacovsky authored
    - cleaned some duplicite deps
    - pulp related certs are not generated for headpin
    (cherry picked from commit 9842b0f)
  4. @jlsherrill

    794799 - disabling the ability to delete environments that are not th…

    jlsherrill authored
    …e last in a promotion path
    enforcing at the model level as well
    (cherry picked from commit 7294092)
  5. @tstrachota

    798323 - updated katello-cli.spec to install utils directory

    tstrachota authored
    (cherry picked from commit 7090341)
  6. @jlsherrill
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