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Commits on Feb 10, 2012
  1. @iNecas
  2. @iNecas
  3. @iNecas

    rest_debug - fix issue with file upload

    iNecas committed
    Calling to_json sedning files caused problems with further calls.
    Therefore now there will be "{{file}}" notice instead.
  4. @iNecas

    system tests - enable uebercert test

    iNecas committed
    Deleting org in CP handles deleting uebercert correctly
  5. @iNecas
  6. @parthaa

    Looks like my previous commit broke quite a few tests.. Temporarily r…

    parthaa committed
    Revert "741499-Added code to deal with weird user current org behaviour"
    This reverts commit a18e6d9.
  7. @parthaa

    741499-Added code to deal with weird user current org behaviour

    parthaa committed
    1) User has access to Orgs A,B, C and C is its current org.  Admin revokes
    access to org C from the user. User when he clicks on any page will
    automatically be logged out with a message stating
    You current organization is no longer valid. It is possible that either the
    organization has been deleted or your permissions revoked, please log back in
    to continue.
    2) User has access to no orgs. Admin then provides access to orgs A, B. The
    user should immediately get assigned to org A just as he would reload or click
    any page. (it is as if the user relogged in.)
Commits on Feb 9, 2012
  1. @mccun934
  2. @bbuckingham
  3. @bbuckingham

    787302 - promotion - fix error promotion of repo

    bbuckingham committed
    This commit is to fix the "wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)" error
    that may be generated when attempting to promote a repo.  The commit
    also removes the check to see if repo has already been cloned, since
    this check is also done by glue/pulp/repo.rb.
  4. @swarmingbee

    special numbers/symbols

    swarmingbee committed
  5. @swarmingbee

    ta special numbers/symbols

    swarmingbee committed
  6. @swarmingbee

    pa special numbers/symbols

    swarmingbee committed
  7. @swarmingbee

    or special numbers/symbols

    swarmingbee committed
  8. @swarmingbee

    mr special symbols/numbers

    swarmingbee committed
  9. @swarmingbee

    gu special numbers/symbols

    swarmingbee committed
  10. @iNecas

    unit tests - fix problem with accidental freezing

    iNecas committed
    There was wrong object returned in a stub.
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap
  13. @lzap
  14. @mccun934
Commits on Feb 8, 2012
  1. @parthaa

    771957 - Added code to raise an exception on create if another org wi…

    parthaa committed
    …th the same name already existed and was scheduled to be deleted
  2. @mccun934
  3. @jsomara
  4. @bbuckingham

    788599 - system template - fix distribution download

    bbuckingham committed
    This commit fixes js error that was generated when trying to
    access the Distributions from the template tree when the template contains
    a repo.
  5. @jsomara
  6. @jsomara
  7. @lzap
  8. @lzap
  9. @tstrachota
  10. @tstrachota
  11. @tstrachota
  12. @tstrachota
  13. @tstrachota
  14. @lzap
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