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Jan 09, 2012

  1. Lukáš Zapletal

    Automatic commit of package [katello-configure] release [0.1.52-1].

    lzap authored
  2. Lukáš Zapletal

    772574 - enabling pulp-testing repo

    lzap authored

Jan 07, 2012

  1. Partha Aji

    Temporary fix for jenkins errors

    parthaa authored

Jan 06, 2012

  1. Partha Aji

    Fixed another unit test

    parthaa authored
  2. Partha Aji

    Fixed a bunch of unit tests and made Pulp::Task.find always accept an…

    … array of ids and return an array of statuses
    parthaa authored
  3. Partha Aji

    Made the pulp task code now be able to retrieve multiple tasks in one…

    … call
    parthaa authored
  4. Tom McKay

    Bug 761667 - Invalid data for new system name displays JSON error mes…

    + Parse displayMessage out of error to display in notice
    thomasmckay authored
  5. Justin Sherrill

    disable tire logging by default

    jlsherrill authored
  6. Jason E. Rist

    761645 - Fix for selecting left list items with ctrl-click.

    Added a color to make it a bit more intuitive as well.
    knowncitizen authored
  7. Partha Aji

    Fixed the searhc sort order issue in the events search history page

    parthaa authored
  8. Partha Aji

    Fixed a couple of search issue related to matching all and sorting

    parthaa authored
  9. Mike McCune

    Automatic commit of package [katello] release [0.1.170-1].

    mccun934 authored
  10. Shannon Hughes

    updated translation strings

    swarmingbee authored
  11. Tom McKay

    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

    thomasmckay authored
  12. Tom McKay

    Bug 768953 - Creating a new system from the webui fails to display En…

    …vironment ribbon correctly
    + The environment selector, because only one can exist on the page at a time, has some control code around it to detect whether the "all" systems page is being viewed or the per-environment page. Fixed now.
    thomasmckay authored
  13. Tomas Strachota

    Automatic commit of package [katello] release [0.1.169-1].

    tstrachota authored
  14. Tomas Strachota

    755105 - dependency calculation rejects already promoted packages

    tstrachota authored
  15. Tomas Strachota

    755105 - listing filenames instead of names of dependent packages

    tstrachota authored
  16. Tomas Strachota

    changesets api - fix in getting environment for permissions

    tstrachota authored
  17. Tomas Strachota

    changesets - dep resolve returns complete json from pulp

    not only resolved packages
    tstrachota authored
  18. Tomas Strachota

    changesets - api for calculating dependencies

    tstrachota authored
  19. Justin Sherrill

    fixing unit tests

    jlsherrill authored
  20. Justin Sherrill

    migrating roles to elastic search

    jlsherrill authored
  21. Justin Sherrill

    fixing error message for missing name to not reference pulp_id

    jlsherrill authored
  22. Justin Sherrill

    migrating filters tupane to use indexed search

    jlsherrill authored
  23. Justin Sherrill

    fixing panel behavior for gpg key and sync plans

    jlsherrill authored
  24. Justin Sherrill

    migrating sync plans to be indexed

    jlsherrill authored
  25. Justin Sherrill

    migrating gpg keys to search server

    jlsherrill authored
  26. Ivan Necas

    Automatic commit of package [katello-configure] release [0.1.51-1].

    iNecas authored
  27. Ivan Necas

    Merge branch '768420'

    iNecas authored
  28. Ivan Necas

    Automatic commit of package [katello-configure] release [0.1.50-1].

    iNecas authored
  29. Ivan Necas

    772210 - make /var/run/elasticsearch dir to fix installation

    Without it, installation fails on Fedora 16
    iNecas authored
  30. Ivan Necas

    Automatic commit of package [katello-cli] release [0.1.34-1].

    iNecas authored
  31. Ivan Necas

    771911 - CLI - update success message after system update

    iNecas authored
  32. Ivan Necas

    Automatic commit of package [katello] release [0.1.168-1].

    iNecas authored
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