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Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. @lzap
  2. @lzap
  3. @knowncitizen
  4. @lzap
  5. @lzap
  6. @lzap
  7. @jsomara
  8. @ehelms

    773686 - Fixes issue with system template package add input box becoming

    ehelms authored
    unusable after multiple package adds.
  9. @lzap
  10. @lzap
  11. @lzap

    perms - moving /packages/id under /repositories API

    lzap authored
    Please note you need pulp-testing for this.
    pulp-0.0.258-1.fc15.noarch or older
  12. @thomasmckay
  13. @iNecas
  14. @iNecas
  15. @iNecas
  16. @iNecas
  17. @bbuckingham

    773454 - system templates - temporary fix for adding packages to temp…

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit contains a 'quick' fix to enable users to add packages to
    a template.  The quick fix is to use 'pulp' for searching the packages.
    In a future update, this will be converted to use elasticsearch.
  18. @iNecas
  19. @iNecas

    manifest-import - correct content-type header

    iNecas authored
    Providing 'Conctent-Type: application/json' with manifest import caused
    sometimes problem with the request being accepted by candlepin. Letting
    RestClient to choose correct content-type should fix this problem.
  20. @iNecas

    katello-agent-cli - adoption to latest changes in pulp-0.0.258-1

    iNecas authored
    Another format of result messages.
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. @parthaa
  2. @bbuckingham

    771411 - distributions - update resource and add perms

    bbuckingham authored
    This commit is to perform the refactoring described by the bug.
    The change is to basically place the distributions under the
    repository resource and apply the appropriate permissions.
  3. @swarmingbee
  4. @parthaa
  5. @mccun934
  6. @mccun934
  7. @mccun934

    761576 - removing the password strength meter

    mccun934 authored
    Also fixes 748697. this component was not worth the effort around
    fixing the issues for.
  8. @ehelms

    Moves javascript to bottom of html page and removes redundant i18n

    ehelms authored
    partials to the base katello layout.
  9. @parthaa

    771957-Made the org deletion code a little better

    parthaa authored
    Basically added a 'unscoped' on the providers to make sure the org is available on delete
    for the provider.
  10. @iNecas
  11. @iNecas

    host-guest - improvement of API when no host is present for a guest

    iNecas authored
    Don't show guests when no host is specified on guest.
  12. @bbuckingham
  13. @thomasmckay
  14. @bbuckingham
  15. @iNecas
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