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Commits on Feb 27, 2012
  1. @mbacovsky
  2. @mbacovsky

    761314 - Make sure katello-agent communicates with ssl

    mbacovsky authored
    - fixed qpidd dependences in puppet
  3. @jlsherrill
  4. @lzap
  5. @lzap
  6. @bbuckingham
  7. @jlsherrill
  8. @lzap
  9. @lzap
  10. @lzap
  11. @lzap
  12. @lzap
  13. @lzap
  14. @mbacovsky @lzap

    761314 - Make sure katello-agent communicates with ssl

    mbacovsky authored lzap committed
    Author:    Martin Bačovský <>
  15. @lzap
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @jsomara
  2. @jlsherrill

    751843 - adding counts go promotion search pages

    jlsherrill authored
    This involved refactoring the search javascript functionality into its
    own model used by panel and sliding tree and should make it eaiser to
    use in other places
  3. @mccun934
  4. @jsomara

    786978 - updating puppet to accept sam/cfse/headpin/katello and make …

    jsomara authored
    …the url respond accordingly
  5. @ehelms

    790520 - Fixes styling around product icons and product names in

    ehelms authored
    promotions and system templates.
  6. @ehelms
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
  1. @ehelms

    786109 - Fixes issue where sync status dashboard widget caused an error

    ehelms authored
    when more than one product had a sync plan attached to it.
    Note, this change slightly re-works the sync dashboard widget to show
    currently syncing products with priority and synced products afterward
    depending on filter size.
  2. @ehelms
  3. @bkearney
  4. @ehelms

    795908 - Changes title of repository edit view to 'Repository Details'

    ehelms authored
    to address lack of editable content within view.
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. @parthaa
  2. @ehelms

    796021 - On sytems subscriptions page, prevents user clicking subscribe

    ehelms authored
    or unsubscribe multiple times before the action completes.
  3. @knowncitizen
  4. @ehelms

    790143 - Systems will now show the architecture by name instead of by

    ehelms authored
    label. (e.g. Itanium instead of ia64)
  5. @mccun934
  6. @mccun934
  7. @mccun934
  8. @mccun934
  9. @mccun934
  10. @mccun934
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