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Commits on Mar 23, 2012
  1. @jsomara
  2. @jsomara


    jsomara committed Mar 23, 2012
  3. @jsomara

    Merge commit 'katello-0.1.306-1' into SAM-1.0

    jsomara committed Mar 23, 2012
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
  1. @mccun934
  2. @bbuckingham

    803409 - providers - on provider create, open products & repos tab

    Prior to this commit, when a user created a new provider, the
    provider would be opened to the Details tab.  The correct behavior
    is to open to the Products & Repos tab, which is what the user would
    see if they were to later open an existing provider.
    (cherry picked from commit 08fde78)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 16, 2012
  3. @ehelms

    795780, 805122 - Improvement to the way the most recent sync status is

    determined to prevent error and show proper completion.
    Note, this change emphasizes sync status in the following way. Running
    then recently finished then queded via a sync plan.
    (cherry picked from commit baa234a)
    ehelms committed Mar 21, 2012
  4. @mbacovsky

    798264 - Katello debug collects certificate password files and some c…

    - removing passwords from katello-configure.conf and katello-configure.log
    (cherry picked from commit 34e4f63)
    mbacovsky committed Mar 21, 2012
  5. @mbacovsky

    798264 - Katello debug collects certificate password files and some c…

    -removed passwords from candlepin.conf
    (cherry picked from commit e2ec0d8)
    mbacovsky committed Mar 21, 2012
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. @tstrachota

    790455 - updated system test for changeset

    (cherry picked from commit 6a3d84e)
    tstrachota committed Mar 20, 2012
  2. @tstrachota

    790455 - cli for updating changeset name and description

    (cherry picked from commit 0240d29)
    tstrachota committed Mar 20, 2012
  3. @tstrachota

    790455 - api for updating changeset name and description

    (cherry picked from commit 9892ae0)
    tstrachota committed Mar 20, 2012
  4. @tstrachota

    790455 - field 'description' added to changeset info

    (cherry picked from commit 1de03c0)
    tstrachota committed Mar 20, 2012
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. @parthaa

    800573 - Comprehensive bug fix to deal with mass-assign vulnerability

    Basic approach used here was to add a "params_rules" method to almost
    every controller where a create!(params) or update_attributes!(params)
    calls were being made. Basically params on  methods doing that now will
    now be checked via rules and errored out if the params passed in donot
    match. Also updated the unit tests that go with this for each
    modified controller method.
    (cherry picked from commit c88194b)
    parthaa committed Mar 19, 2012
  2. @jlsherrill

    803740 - adding our assigned uid/groupid for katello

    (cherry picked from commit 1f778ec)
    jlsherrill committed Mar 19, 2012
  3. @iNecas

    770693 - handle repos without repofile in katello-agent

    Katello-agent wasn't running properly on system registered with rhn. Binding to
    repositories was failing because the rhn repos have no repofile. With this
    commit agent skips this repositories.
    (cherry picked from commit e7b842e)
    iNecas committed Mar 19, 2012
  4. @iNecas

    799357 - provide descriptive information on CDN access denied

    When imported manifest is not valid and CDN refuses it, UI and CLI provides
    more descriptive information about what happened.
    (cherry picked from commit f103d3e)
    iNecas committed Mar 19, 2012
  5. @bbuckingham

    799357 - manifest import - fix for nil error message

    This commit addresses the 'undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass'
    error that was occuring on a manifest import that generated a 403 forbidden
    from the CDN.  It provides a standard failure message and places the
    backtrace in the error notices optional details.
    Currently, the controller does not have access to further details; however,
    that may change very soon.  When it does, we'll revisit this logic to see
    if additional changes are needed.
    (cherry picked from commit 2faa2b4)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 15, 2012
  6. @jsomara
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @jsomara
  2. @jsomara


    jsomara committed Mar 16, 2012
  3. @jsomara

    Merge commit 'katello-0.1.304-1' into SAM-1.0

    jsomara committed Mar 16, 2012
  4. @bbuckingham

    803420 - 2pane - incorrect pane opens on object create

    When creating an item (e.g. provider, user, org, system...etc) in
    2-pane, after the create the incorrect item is opened.  Essentially,
    the new item is added to the bottom of the list, but the first item
    in the list is opened.
    This issue is actually a regression related to a fix that went in
    for endless scroll on 2pane.
    In order to address this issue, there is now an append and prepend
    for the 2-pane list.  This will allow support for item creation
    and endless scroll.
    (cherry picked from commit 24a0c13)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 16, 2012
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. @iNecas

    803441 - fix cli unit test for org subscriptions

    (cherry picked from commit 77ff0c0)
    iNecas committed Mar 15, 2012
  2. @iNecas

    803441 - handle space in organization when importing manifest

    (cherry picked from commit 62d8da2)
    iNecas committed Mar 15, 2012
  3. @iNecas

    803441 - add support for spaces in system tests --rand-prefix command

    Allows the automation of detection of problems when spaces are in names of
    organizations, products, repos etc.
      scripts/system-test/cli_system-test "all" --rand-prefix "a a"
    (cherry picked from commit adbd8c8)
    iNecas committed Mar 15, 2012
  4. @jsomara
  5. @lzap @jsomara

    801786 - putting client.conf back to the RPM

    (cherry picked from commit 4afeb01)
    lzap committed with jsomara Mar 12, 2012
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
  1. @ehelms

    801797 - Fixes regression with environment selector and tupane pages not

    filtering on environment.
    (cherry picked from commit 31eb4ce)
    ehelms committed Mar 14, 2012
  2. @bbuckingham

    800169 - Users - do not allow setting of def org, if the org has no envs

    With these changes, a user can no longer set a default org to a user
    (on create or edit), if that org has no environments associated with it.
    (cherry picked from commit 9b356d1)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 14, 2012
  3. @jlsherrill

    799122 - showing warning if trying to promote repo with failed sync o…

    …r currently syncing
    when hitting promote, if some product in the changeset has a repo that is either currently syncing or has an error on its last sync, we will show a warning.  The user can still continue or cancel, but we are at least warning the user.
    (cherry picked from commit ce58078)
    jlsherrill committed Mar 14, 2012
  4. @bbuckingham

    790063 - search - few more mods for consistency

    This commit contains a few more small changes for improved behavior in
    The changes are primarily in errata search to combine id and title as
    a single searchable field.  The reason for doing this is that when the
    user views the list of errata, they see id and title as a single string;
    therefore, this allows them to search based on how they view the data.
    Chose to leave this query using an ngram, since that provides a nice behavior
    for the user.
    Also, added the ':' to the 'input_filter' and updated where this method
    is called to ensure that the filter is always applied before we
    add a term to the query (e.g. prepend query with 'name:').
    (cherry picked from commit 2bf588f)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 9, 2012
  5. @bbuckingham

    790063 - search - changes for consistency/behavior

    This commit makes minor changes to the usage of elasticsearch
    within Katello.  The primary reason for these changes is to provide
    additional consistency across the search queries as well as
    provide slightly different behavior, in hopes that it'll help
    First thing users should be aware of:
    - They query syntax used on all pages (with a couple exceptions) is based
      entirely off of Lucene query syntax.
      - The couple of exceptions are on System Templates where a user may
        (from the right sliding tree) type in text to locate a repo or
        package name.  Since those provide 'auto-complete', they don't
        really align with all of the other search queries in the UI.
    The following are a couple of key changes:
    1. Provide a 'default_field' for queries that the user provides, but
       does not provide a term  (e.g. "searchingtext" vs "name:searchtext").
       The approach used for selecting the default_field is based on the
       context of where the query is performed.  Generally, this is based
       on the data the user sees (e.g. provider names, user names...etc).
       There are several reasons for this approach; however, the key reasons
       were: 1. it should improve search performance (by not searching
       across all indexed fields by default and 2. we do not currently show
       the user all fields that are indexed; therefore, it could cause
       confusion to show matches on fields the user is not aware of.
    2. Use the 'keyword' analyzer on the primary field (e.g name).  This
       change should provide an improved behavior when data contains
       delimiters such as - or space.  The keyword analyzer will essentially treat
       an entire name as a single token vs breaking it in to multiple
    (cherry picked from commit fa3564e)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 8, 2012
  6. @bbuckingham

    801148 - providers - fix tabindex for products and repos

    This commit addresses a few small items:
    1. fix the tab index for the product and repo subpanels
    2. refactor the logic added in environment_new.js, to become part
       of the panel.js and subpanel_new.js... enabling us to use that
       same fantastic logic in products and repos
    3. fix a couple of small i18n strings
    4. update the Providers => Products and Repos tab to have all
       products 'expanded'.  (I.e. do not require user to click the
       arrow to expand)
    (cherry picked from commit 40caa60)
    bbuckingham committed Mar 13, 2012
  7. @knowncitizen

    799523 - Fix for new environment full page load.

    Also greatly simplified the JS and HAML for this page so that the overall experience is better and faster.
    (cherry picked from commit d067996)
    knowncitizen committed Mar 8, 2012
  8. @pitr-ch

    801448 - Missing resource (font) in UI

    (cherry picked from commit b8248c2)
    pitr-ch committed Mar 8, 2012
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