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Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. @lzap @jsomara
  2. @jsomara
  3. @lzap

    790507 - fixing httpds SAM denials of mod_proxy

    lzap committed
    (cherry picked from commit 4527935)
  4. @tstrachota

    790550 - remembered options are now recognized by option name instead…

    tstrachota committed
    … of destination
    (cherry picked from commit c7153a0)
  5. @lzap

    790533 - 'product promote' no longer delete changeset

    lzap committed
    (cherry picked from commit 7806152)
  6. @iNecas

    791199 - optimized access to CDN

    iNecas committed
    Cache calculated results to reduce the number of calls to CDN
    (cherry picked from commit 8a040b1)
  7. @lzap

    795404 - Katello does not respect KATELLO_LOGGING setting

    lzap committed
    (cherry picked from commit 562a4d9)
  8. @iNecas

    795349 - delete product in CP unless other org still uses it

    iNecas committed
    (cherry picked from commit 994eee4)
  9. @iNecas

    791221 - run only one update per product deletion

    iNecas committed
    We were running multiple updates on subscriptions when only one product has
    been deleted. Reducing this state to only update after all subscriptions were
    deleted. Now we alseo update only if something is deleted.
    (cherry picked from commit b74c3f1)
  10. @iNecas

    791221 - wait for CP update jobs before proceeding when deleting ORG

    iNecas committed
    Trying to avoid race-condition in CP described in BZ_788932
    (cherry picked from commit a5077ba)
  11. @tstrachota

    791194 - system tests - added spaces to environment names

    tstrachota committed
    (cherry picked from commit 5956e32)
  12. @tstrachota

    791194 - Spaces in env names replaced by underscores in repo path cre…

    tstrachota committed
    (cherry picked from commit 51bf0f4)
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. @bkearney
  2. @bkearney

    Bump the configure build to -7

    bkearney committed
  3. @bkearney

    794902: Do not start tumbslug until tomcat is sarted, which is after …

    bkearney committed
    …the candlepin configure
    (cherry picked from commit 9097cc5)
  4. @bkearney
  5. @bkearney

    Bump the configure to 0.1.64-6

    bkearney committed
  6. @bkearney

    794852: Disable per-environmen filtering for SAM

    bkearney committed
    (cherry picked from commit c88ed26)
  7. @ehelms

    750558,748472,752967 - Adjusts breadcrumbs in sliding trees to ellipsis

    ehelms committed
    long names appropriately.
    (cherry picked from commit 38df03e)
  8. @ehelms

    758831 - Adjusts the z-index on tupane details and sliding tree slide

    ehelms committed
    ups in order to prevent clipping of tupane on top of slide up
    (cherry picked from commit ca4f948)
  9. @ehelms

    748467 - Adjusts the height of tupane's to use more screen real estate

    ehelms committed
    on larger browser window sizes.
    (cherry picked from commit 62c05de)
  10. @bkearney

    794782: Add PyXML to the cli dependencies

    bkearney committed
    (cherry picked from commit f4f3a7e)
  11. @tstrachota

    788073 - do not schedule tasks in past

    tstrachota committed
    (cherry picked from commit b897fee)
  12. @iNecas

    770693 - bind consumer to repo in environment

    iNecas committed
    Repo from Library was used instead of a repo in correct environment.
    (cherry picked from commit 1e7ea9e)
  13. @mccun934
  14. @mccun934

    Missing branding files after we branched for 1.0

    mccun934 committed
    This re-merges in the src/branding/* files that I missed when I
    initially rebased System Engine from Katello's upstream git repo.
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @knowncitizen

    784649 - Fix for empty changeset message when System Templates are ad…

    knowncitizen committed
    (cherry picked from commit e0fc91c)
  2. @jsomara
  3. @jsomara
  4. @jsomara
  5. @swarmingbee

    786376 add waiting state to non running pulp list

    swarmingbee committed
    (cherry picked from commit 34f3960)
  6. @mccun934

    790966 - updated date format

    mccun934 committed
    (cherry picked from commit 2a5c137)
  7. @mccun934
  8. @mccun934

    773088 - reconfiguring the threading for pulp syncs

    mccun934 committed
    (cherry picked from commit 2034fd5)
  9. @parthaa

    790966-Added a logger for the prod env to print timestamp information…

    parthaa committed
    … on errors and warnings.
    (cherry picked from commit 5dcc696)
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