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Commits on Jul 10, 2015
  1. Updating Vundle.vim url and path

    Per the Vundle.vim README, the new Github url is Moreover, the README states that the
    Vundle.vim repo should be cloned to ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim. See the README
Commits on Jul 6, 2015
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #4041 from apjanke/fix-jira-prefix-comment-merge

    robbyrussell committed
    Fix jira plugin syntax error due to merge conflict
  2. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #4106 from apjanke/venvw-no-realpath

    robbyrussell committed
    virtualenvwrapper: Remove `realpath` dependency using zsh `:A`
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
  1. @apjanke
Commits on Jun 17, 2015
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #4058 from ncanceill/plugin-git

    robbyrussell committed
    [Hotfix] Git plugin
  2. @ncanceill
  3. @ArnaudRinquin @ncanceill

    Fix plugin/git ggpull and ggpush backward compatibility

    ArnaudRinquin committed with ncanceill
    Current `ggpush` is `git push origin` instead of `git push origin $(current_branch)`
    Same for `ggpull`
Commits on Jun 15, 2015
  1. @apjanke
  2. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #4002 from aliafshar/patch-1

    robbyrussell committed
    Add missing space causing parse error.
  3. @aliafshar
  4. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3852 from sachin21/add_alias_of_bundle_clean

    robbyrussell committed
    Add alias of bundle clean
  5. @robbyrussell
  6. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3874 from diraol/patch-2

    robbyrussell committed
    Debian Plugin: Differing upgrade and safe-upgrade
  7. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3973 from moul/pr-boot2docker-update

    robbyrussell committed
    Add new boot2docker options
  8. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3947 from mkwmms/patch-1

    robbyrussell committed
    Respect $ZSH_CACHE_DIR when creating fasd's cache
  9. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3918 from cbazin/master

    robbyrussell committed
    Detect the .venv in any parent directory of the current directory
  10. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3919 from delphij/history-extendedglob

    robbyrussell committed
    Don't leak extendedglob to global environment.
  11. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3838 from forivall/hyphen-insensitive

    robbyrussell committed
    Add hyphen insensitivity
  12. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3813 from ziegs/fix_gradle_tasks

    robbyrussell committed
    Fixes gradle autocomplete so it includes subproject tasks
  13. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3848 from tristola/master

    robbyrussell committed
    Added aliases for docker compose
  14. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3798 from dnixx/vundle-update

    robbyrussell committed
    Use the newest Vundle commands
  15. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3821 from tresni/fix_minimal

    robbyrussell committed
    Fix minimal.zsh-theme's check for in_svn and add support for mercurial
  16. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3833 from coopermaruyama/master

    robbyrussell committed
    coffeescript aliases for easy compiling
  17. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3988 from UserTaken/docker_update

    robbyrussell committed
    Docker run and create options
  18. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3759 from mikeokner/master

    robbyrussell committed
    Adding quotes to git completion discovery path
  19. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3975 from wernerb/patch-1

    robbyrussell committed
    Set AWS_PROFILE and use existing RPROMPT
  20. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3976 from rodrigoargumedo/patch-1

    robbyrussell committed
    Add rdrs method to reset the database(s)
  21. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3986 from evilhamsterman/master

    robbyrussell committed
    Only load url-quote-magic if it is available.
  22. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #4001 from ivanfoo/fixOddCharsOnMac

    robbyrussell committed
    Fixed odd chars on mac for agnoster theme
  23. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3929 from GunfighterJ/GunfighterJ-patch-sublime3

    robbyrussell committed
    Add sublime text 3 paths to check list
  24. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3809 from ncanceill/easymerge

    robbyrussell committed
Commits on Jun 14, 2015
  1. @ivanfoo
  2. @styx @ncanceill

    Add mix-fast plugin (similar to rake-fast)

    styx committed with ncanceill
    Signed-off-by: Mikhail S. Pobolovets <>
Commits on Jun 13, 2015
  1. @UserTaken

    Update _docker

    UserTaken committed
  2. @mikeokner

    Adding quotes to git completion discovery path

    mikeokner committed
    Previously, spaces in the path would result in wto separate errouneous
    paths being parsed. This fixes that issue.
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