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Commits on Jun 13, 2015
  1. @frantzmiccoli @ncanceill
  2. @mcornella @ncanceill

    Revert "Added migration notification for rails plugin"

    mcornella committed with ncanceill
    This reverts commit 1493d88, made
    to put a deprecated notice on rails3 and rails4 plugins, so that
    users would migrate to the unified rails plugin.
    It's been 1.5 years since that, so everyone should be migrated to
    the good one.
  3. @ssundarraj @ncanceill
  4. @choener @ncanceill
  5. @tcwang817 @ncanceill
Commits on Jun 12, 2015
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #3990 from ncanceill/plugin-git

    robbyrussell committed
    [HotFix] Git plugin
  2. @ncanceill

    git plugin: new/changed aliases

    ncanceill committed
    gaa was brought back by popular demand — see #3535
    gap was replaced with gapa — see #3682
    gdc was replaced with gdca — see #3977
Commits on Jun 11, 2015
  1. @Bartuz @ncanceill
  2. @ehamberg @ncanceill
  3. @MoLLIa @ncanceill
  4. @ncanceill

    Added file for ForkLift plugin

    wyldphyre committed with ncanceill
  5. @ncanceill

    Added file for atom plugin

    wyldphyre committed with ncanceill
  6. @ncanceill

    Added file

    wyldphyre committed with ncanceill
  7. @ckesc @ncanceill

    Fix for sst command

    ckesc committed with ncanceill
  8. @alx741 @ncanceill
  9. @KhasMek @ncanceill
  10. @KhasMek @ncanceill

    Plugins: archlinux - use command -v in favor of which

    KhasMek committed with ncanceill
      The command 'which' launches an external process that isn't
      really necessary.
  11. @KhasMek @ncanceill
  12. @dritter @ncanceill
  13. @ncanceill

    git plugin: fix ggpnp when called without argument

    ncanceill committed
    also allow multiple arguments for ggp and ggl aliases
  14. @mbologna @ncanceill

    * Added header with help and information

    mbologna committed with ncanceill
    * Moved git information to left prompt, with
      support for:
        (if applicable)
    * Removed right prompt
    * Refactored following Google's guidelines for
      scripts [ ]
        * Using local variables where applicable
  15. @styx @ncanceill

    Update Mix complition upto 1.0.4

    styx committed with ncanceill
    Signed-off-by: Mikhail S. Pobolovets <>
  16. @scrubmx @ncanceill

    Update aliases in laravel5.plugin.zsh file

    scrubmx committed with ncanceill
    Some minor changes to the aliases.
    * removed php artisan dump-autoload since is no longer a command in laravel 5
    * updated the la5routes alias to the new version of the command
    * added a la5vendor alias to publish assets from vendor packages
  17. @ncanceill

    Update taskwarrior.plugin.zsh

    regagain committed with ncanceill
    Corrected documentation to avoid confusion (see robbyrussell#3796)
  18. @mbologna @ncanceill
  19. @asaph @ncanceill

    Fixed typo in README

    asaph committed with ncanceill
  20. @asm0dey @ncanceill

    Update bgnotify.plugin.zsh

    asm0dey committed with ncanceill
    Fixed error with spaces in commands
  21. @isntall @ncanceill

    fix typo

    isntall committed with ncanceill
  22. @luca020400 @ncanceill

    adb: add more commands

    luca020400 committed with ncanceill
  23. @diraol @ncanceill

    Update README.markdown

    diraol committed with ncanceill
    Updating the install instructions as proposed in: robbyrussell#3516 (comment)
  24. @oneamtu @ncanceill
  25. @oshybystyi @ncanceill
  26. @kevgathuku @ncanceill

    Add git to prerequisites

    kevgathuku committed with ncanceill
    Resolves #3786
  27. @MartinDelille @ncanceill
  28. @paulmelnikow @ncanceill

    sublime: Make subl a function so it can be called from functions in o…

    paulmelnikow committed with ncanceill
    …ther modules
    Without this change, whether a function can invoke 'subl' depends on the order in which modules are loaded. With this change, the order doesn't matter.
    zsh resolves aliases at parse time not run time, which means if you invoke an alias from a function, the alias must be defined before the function.
    See which refers to an explanation of this limitation.
    For code which may be used non-interactively, the recommend workaround is to use functions instead of aliases.
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