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Unofficial SDK for building HTML based extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud applications
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#Creative Cloud Extension SDK

Unofficial SDK for building HTML based extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud applications. As of now, it consists of some command line tools, scripts and some templates.

If you're looking for an easier way to build HTML extensions, check out the Sublime Text plugin or the Brackets extension, both built on top of this SDK.


Creates an extension panel from a given template and deploys it.


  • osx: <templatename> <extid>
  • win: createext.bat <templatename> <extid>


  • templatename the name of the template folder you wish to use as a source
  • extid a unique id for your extension

Returns: the path of the created extension folder.

Example: default com.example.ext

... will create the extension com.example.ext from the default template located in the templates/default folder. The extension panel should be ready to use from the corresponding Adobe application as long as you've enable debugging on the system (see the debugmode commands below).

You can of course add your own templates to the templates folder. Just make sure the extension ID used in the manifest is com.example.ext.

For additional extension samples, check out the official samples repository.


Copies an existing extension folder to the appropriate location for it to be executed.


  • osx : <extfolder> <extid>
  • win : deployext.bat <extfolder> <extid>


  • extfolder the location of the extension folder you wish to deploy
  • extid the extension unique id (ie com.example.my_ext)

Returns: the path of the created folder.

Example: To deploy an extension located at ~/my-awesome-ext/ with the ID com.example.awesome-ext, run: ~/my-awesome-ext/ com.example.awesome-ext

For a sample extension to start with, check out the official samples repository.

###setdebugmode and disabledebugmode

For extensions to run, you should first run (mac) or setdebugmode.bat (win) once to properly configure your system for extension development. Otherwise, extensions will refuse to launch. reverts to the default behavior. Windows users should update the CEP registry key manually.


This script executes an ExtendScript (jsx) file via command line in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or After Effects. Unfortunately, InDesign scripts are not supported on Windows for now.

  • osx: <appID> <filepath>
  • win: execextendscript.bat <appID> <filepath>


  • appID: ps (Photoshop CC), ai (Illustrator CC), id (InDesign CC), or ae (After Effects CC)
  • filepath: file path of the JSX file to be executed.

Example: to execute test.jsx in Photoshop from the command line on the mac, use: ps "~/Desktop/test.jsx"

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