Visual State Chart Editor for SCXML
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David Drell
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VisualSc - Visual Statechart Editor for SCXML.
Developed by Matthew Zhan and David Drell.

Install Micosoft Visual C++ 2013 (REQUIRED)

Install Visual Statechart 2.0.0

VisualSc is an editor for hierarchical statecharts developed in C++ with Qt and is based on the statechart model by David Harel. One can save and load statecharts using .SCXML and export statecharts to C++ code. The purpose of this program is to provide the user a platform to quickly create and easily manage statechart states and transitions with an editable graphics view and an organized form view. Additionally, VisualSc can port a statechart directly to code, modeling the statechart using the Qt framework with QStates.