Encode a sequence of images to h.264 mp4 video using ffmpeg
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A simple frontend for ffmpeg to encode a sequence of image files to a h.264 mp4 video file.

Note that ffmpeg is a powerful and full-featured encoding program, and it includes native support for encoding a sequence of images to a video file.

The purpose of this frontend is to apply sensible default options, to avoid exposing the user to the complicated option syntax of ffmpeg, and to allow the frame images to have non-sequential names (which the ffmpeg image2 plugin does not support).


ddencode.py -r 30 -b 8000k -m framelist.txt -o video.mp4

Read a list of filenames from framelist.txt and use 2-pass encoding to make 8000kbit/s 30fps h.264 video file video.mp4.

Comments, quesitons, bug reports

Send to: david@dumas.io