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Simple command line tool to deploy a folder or a zip file to an Azure Website using WebDeploy.
See this post for details.

Note: the .PublishSettings file discussed here is the one you can download for a specific Azure Web App via the portal.

Sample use:

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings
WAWSDeploy c:\ mysite.PublishSettings

With optional password argument

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /p mypubsettingspassword
WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /password mypubsettingspassword

Allowing untrusted cert

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /au

Delete files on the remote host

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /d

Use checksums instead of timestamps

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /c

Verbose Logging

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /v

What If deployment

WAWSDeploy c:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /w

Target Path - The virtual directory to deploy to

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /t someVirtualDirectoryName

Target Path - Using a physical target folder

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /t d:\home\site\blah

App offline - Attempt to turn ASP.Net application off before deployment.

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /o

Setup a higher number of retries in case of deployment failure (WebDeployment default is 5)

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /r 10

Setup the interval (in milliseconds) between each deployment attempts in case of deployment failure (WebDeployment default is 1000ms)

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.Publishsettings /i 6000

Skip the app_data directory during the deployment.

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /sa

User defined folders regular expressions that should be skipped during deployment.

WAWSDeploy C:\somefolder mysite.PublishSettings /sf .*my_tools .*local_cache

To build this project

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install


7/10/2019: v1.10

Add /SkipAppData and /SkipFoldersRegexps switches

7/5/2019: v1.9

Add /RetryAttempts and /RetryInterval switches

2/4/2017: v1.8

Add /AppOffline switch

5/25/2016: v1.7

Add /TargetPath switch

1/9/2015: v1.6

Add /TargetPath switch

11/12/2014: v1.5

Add -t switch to allow targeted deployment to a specific virtual directory.

5/1/2014: v1.4

Add -WhatIf and -deleteexistingfiles switches

3/26/2014: v1.3

Add support for untrusted certs.

3/6/2014: v1.2

Support optionally passing password

3/5/2014: v1.1

Support publishing from zip files

3/5/2014: v1.0

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Simple command line tool to deploy a folder to an Azure Website using WebDeploy







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