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Enginered is a free and open source project that collects tech posts from the best tech companies out there which are famous to ship great quality software.

Where is the website?

No website. Enginered started with a super fancy website (with a cool domain: but the main feature has always been the Weekly Email digest and the Twitter account and since this is no-profit side project, which means = no money, I decided to cut all the costs while trying to keep the service active, this is why the project does not have a dedicated website nor web domain, using only free services.

How Enginered works?

The project is backend-only javascript application, it runs on a free Nodejs instance on Heroku with a free Postgres database. Every 60 minutes a cron-job fetches the latest articles from a list of selected RSS feeds, which updates the database with the new entries and create the relative twitts.

At the same time an RSS feed is populated and Mailchimp is set-up to send out the email with latest posts from the week every Monday at ~15.00 o'clock.

To avoid to exceeds the free limit and Heroku to charge me, the instance is in a sleep mode the whole time and runs only to execute the job or when Mailchimp fetches the RSS.

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