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daily drinks

July 17, 2017

David Eliason

MERN app

Description: Express is used to both act as a API server serving files and routes, but also serves the react views. When express is first spun up, at localhost:5000, drinks can be added to the database through the form. The Express server also serves the persistent data values from mongodb via proxy to the react app, which are then used to set state within the parent component. This is a preliminary approach to unidirectional data flow without using flux or redux. These drink values are then displayed in react.

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Heroku Deployment

To Use:

  1. Clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/davideliason/dailydrinks
  1. Change into that directory
$ cd dailydrinks
  1. in first terminal tab, spin up the Express server
$ npm start
  1. in a second terminal tab, navigate to the client folder and spin up react
$ cd client
$ yarn start
  1. If you open up a browser to 'localhost:5000/samplePostForm' you can add drinks
  2. In another broswer window, you can go to 'localhost:3000' to view the react app

You can also go to Heroku to see live

Express Drink Input Live Heroku View

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