MERN app for quotes using CRUD functionality. Cookies, sessions, and auth is focus here.
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Secure Community Quotes


David Eliason


This is a skill-progression from community quotes, adding on cookies, sessions, passport for user login and authentication.




I started out by creating a base express server and a project subfolder 'client' which held the CRA. On the server side, created the API server wherein data served in JSON format and also a wildcare route wherein all other routes other than that API request would serve the react static page. That's a good thing, because we want all the heavy lifting to be doine on the react side; within that CRA, we'll still do some fetch calls, such as CRUD functionality, so a little later on we'll be building out some more routes within express. But for now, those two routes are enough.

I used the 'session-file=store' module to create a local store instance file wherein the session data is saved. This is a baby-step for moving from cookie storage which will evaporate once the session is done.

Modules Used

express : server path : file paths connectivity favicon : that neat pic on browser logger : useful data per processes body-parser : to get form inputted data from browser mongodb : our db dotenv : hidden environmental variables uuid : module to get unique strings session-file-store: used to create a store for session data persistence by using a local file for capturing session object key-values passport & passport-local : authentication