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What is it?

PHP library for parsing, formatting, storing and validating international phone numbers.

Highlights of functionality

  • Parsing/formatting/validating phone numbers for all countries/regions of the world.
  • getNumberType - gets the type of the number based on the number itself; able to distinguish Fixed-line, Mobile, Toll-free, Premium Rate, Shared Cost, VoIP and Personal Numbers (whenever feasible).
  • isNumberMatch - gets a confidence level on whether two numbers could be the same.
  • getExampleNumber/getExampleNumberByType - provides valid example numbers for all countries/regions, with the option of specifying which type of example phone number is needed.
  • isValidNumber - full validation of a phone number for a region using length and prefix information.

Quick Examples

Let's say you have a string representing a phone number from Switzerland. This is how you parse/normalize it into a PhoneNumber object:

$swissNumberStr = "044 668 18 00";
$phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil::getInstance();
try {
	$swissNumberProto = $phoneUtil->parse($swissNumberStr, "CH");
} catch (NumberParseException $e) {
	echo $e;

At this point, swissNumberProto contains:

object(com\google\i18n\phonenumbers\PhoneNumber)#221 (5) {

Now let us validate whether the number is valid:

$isValid = $phoneUtil->isValidNumber($swissNumberProto);//return true

There are a few formats supported by the formatting method, as illustrated below:

// Produces "+41446681800"
echo $phoneUtil->format($swissNumberProto, PhoneNumberFormat::E164) . PHP_EOL;