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pytest-play example. A simple parametrized login form based on pure json scenarios. No python at all
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pytest-play basic example that shows how to automate a Plone login using parametrized tests based on pure json scenarios. It is just a hello world test for demonstrative purpose.


How to run the tests:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages --python $(which python3.6) python
$ source python/bin/activate
$ pip install -r
$ pytest --variables env-ALPHA.yml --splinter-webdriver firefox --splinter-screenshot-dir /tmp -x

In addition a bzt/Taurus index.yml file is provided too (suitable for a BlazeMeter cloud run with bzt index.yml) after installing bzt with pip install bzt.


pytest-play is shipped by default by a more opinionated cookiecutter scaffolding tool with many options (selenium grid ready, Jenkins integration, etc). Have a look at:

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