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David Ensinger is a Front End Developer from Columbus, OH

This website runs on Jekyll, a blog-aware, static site generator, with a lot of help from Grunt.

The Stack

Recommended Setup

  • Ensure that Command Line Tools for Xcode is installed and up-to-date
    • To install: xcode-select --install
  • Manage your Ruby enviroments with RVM or rbenv
    • To update RVM: rvm get stable
  • Make sure your installs of Node.js and NPM are up-to-date
  • Install the command line interface for Grunt
    • To install: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install Bower
    • To install: npm install -g bower
  • Make sure you’ve installed GraphicsMagic, presumably via Homebrew:
    • To install: brew install GraphicsMagick

Install Dependencies

Run the following commands to install the dependencies:

  • Bower: bower install
  • Bundler: bundle install
  • NPM: npm cache clean and then npm install

Grunt Workflow

  • grunt stage: Copies the loadFont() and loadCSS() functions from Bower to the Jekyll _includes directory
  • grunt serve: Compiles all files and opens the site in your default browser. A watch task watches for changes to files, recompiles if necessary, and injects the changes into the browser with BrowserSync
  • grunt check: Checks for outdated dependencies with grunt-dev-update, Javascript code quality with JSHint, Sass code quality with SCSS-Lint, and Jekyll health with jekyll doctor
  • grunt build: Builds an optimized site to the dist directory
  • grunt deploy: Runs the perf task, runs the build task, and then deploys it
  • grunt perf: Checks Google’s PageSpeed Insights and then runs Phantomas to return and record site metrics.

Hat Tip

The site was scaffolded by Yeoman and generator-jekyllrb.


The website of David Ensinger, a Front End Developer from Columbus, OH








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