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A Emacs distribution coming from the space ...
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Galactic Emacs

Galactic Emacs Logo

License: GPL v3 Travis Build Status

Table of Contents


This repository contains the Galactic Emacs distribution. You can clone it as it comes or simply use whatever part you might need/like. The look and feel of the Emacs frame is based on the atom-one-dark theme with some minor changes.


Emacs dashboard

Emacs dashboard

Emacs scratch buffer

Emacs scratch buffer

Emacs sidebars

Emacs sidebars


GNU/Emacs installation

This configuration is mainly tested on the HEAD version of Emacs (currently 27.x) running on macOS. If your're using brew, as a package manager on macOS, please install Emacs with the below command:

brew tap daviderestivo/emacs-head
brew install emacs-head --HEAD --with-cocoa --with-no-frame-refocus --with-imagemagick --with-jansson --with-pdumper

or if you prefer Emacs 26.x:

brew tap daviderestivo/emacs-head
brew install emacs-head --with-cocoa --with-no-frame-refocus --with-imagemagick --with-multicolor-fonts

Galactic Emacs installation

Please run the below commands to backup your current Emacs configuration and clone this repo:

cd ~
mv .emacs.d .emacs.d.bak
git clone --depth 1 .emacs.d
cd .emacs.d
git submodule init
git submodule update
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master

Before you start emacs please edit ~/.emacs.d/personal.el.example adding your personal information and rename it to ~/.emacs.d/personal.el.

Key bindings

Please have a look to the list of the available key bindings.

Included packages

Galactic Emacs distribution comes with many packages already included. Here you can find the complete list.

About the logo

The Empire is spread across the Milky Way galaxy and consists of almost 25 million planets settled exclusively by humans.

I. Asimov, Galactic Empire

The logo represents the Spaceship and the Sun, emblem of the Galactic Empire. The three stars on the right part represent Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri is a triple star system, consisting of three stars: Rigil Kentaurus, Toliman and Proxima Centauri. In Asimov's Foundation Series, Alpha Centauri is cited by Lord Dorwin as one of the solar systems where humankind potentially originated.


The license is GPLv3 for all parts:

  • the initialization and configuration files
  • the documentation

For the license of the packages included in the Galactic Emacs distribution please refer to the respective file headers.


Feel free to open an issue in case of questions or problems. Contributions are always welcome.

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