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Emacs formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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Emacs Head

Emacs Head is a GNU Emacs formula based on the original Homebrew emacs formula.

Why yet another Homebrew Emacs formula?

Since the option “–with-cocoa” is not available in the latest Emacs homebrew-core formula (see pull request), I decided to build my own formula.

This formula currently supports:

  • GNU Emacs 26.2
  • GNU Emacs HEAD (currently 27.x)

No bottles are available.


GNU Emacs running in terminal mode (27.x)


GNU Emacs running in GUI mode (27.x)



You can install this formula using:

GNU Emacs 26.2

brew tap daviderestivo/emacs-head
brew install emacs-head --with-cocoa


brew tap daviderestivo/emacs-head
brew install emacs-head --HEAD --with-cocoa

Compilation options

The following compiling options are available:

–with-cocoaBuild a Cocoa version of emacs
–with-ctagsDon’t remove the ctags executable that emacs provides
–with-dbusBuild with dbus support
–with-imagemagick@6Build with imagemagick@6 support
–with-imagemagick@7Build with imagemagick@7 support (only HEAD)
–with-janssonEnable jansson support (only HEAD)
–with-librsvgBuild with librsvg support
–with-mailutilsBuild with mailutils support
–with-multicolor-fontsEnable multicolor fonts on macOS
–with-modulesCompile with dynamic modules support
–with-no-frame-refocusDisables frame re-focus
–without-libxml2Don’t build with libxml2 support

For the terminal version only of GNU Emacs please omit “–with-cocoa”.


If you are interested in collaborating please open a Pull Request.

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