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@davidferguson davidferguson released this 29 Jun 21:31
· 7 commits to master since this release

PiBakery v2

This is a pre-release, may will contain bugs! Use with caution!

PiBakery v2, is a complete re-write of the original application, with many additional features, including:

  • PiBakery no longer bundles .img files in the installer/program. Instead, the user must supply their own Raspbian .img file. This means that any Raspbian-based .img can be used, with the possibility of other distros in the future
  • Ability to edit any Raspbian SD card, not just ones that have been written with PiBakery
  • More robust Linux support
  • Ability to add multiple block sources, so the user can maintain their own block repo with their own custom blocks
  • Importing of recipes (.xml files) created with older versions of PiBakery no longer fail, instead they are converted automatically into the new format
  • The entire program no longer runs as root/admin. Instead, just the writer process is elevated when needed to be
  • Modularised code to increase readability, and add option for command line mode in the future

No installers have been included in this release, just the binaries for the platforms. Installers will be included in future releases.