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Sample Ceylon-GWT application.

The GWT entry point is in the client sub-package.

Demonstrated features are:

  • Automatic generation of the GWT module descriptor, with an automatically-included stylesheet.
  • Support of optional strings or basic types (Integer, Float, etc...) through emulated classes.
  • Support of a number of Ceylon-specific constructs such as:
    • if-then-else expressions,
    • let expressions,
    • function references,
    • functional values,
    • inline object expressions,
    • else keyword.
  • Support for delegating a top-level GWT function to a native("js") Ceylon method in which the full power of the Ceylon language can be leveraged on the Javascript platform.
  • Support for implementing the body of a GWT function directly in Javascript with the JSNI rules.

For the moment, Ceylon iterables and collections are not supported in GWT code, but they can of course be used in a native("js") top-level function called from your GWT code by delegation.

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