Ceylon Language Specification and type analyzer
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Ceylon specification and type analyzer

This project contains:

  • The Ceylon Language Specification, in docbook format.
  • A parser for the language, implemented using ANTLR.
  • A syntax tree for the language.
  • A type analyzer, implemented in Java.

For more information about the Ceylon, go to the community website:



To build the PDF and HTML specifications, in the root directory type:


The specification is compiled into build/en.

To build just the PDF, type:

ant pdf

The PDF specification is compiled then copied into the root directory.

Directory structure:

  • en - the docbook source of the language specification
  • support - the docbook build

Build and test the type analyzer

For setting up the development environment and compiling and building the distribution take a look at ceylon-dist.

If after having built the distribution you want to build and test the type analyzer return to ceylon-spec and run

ant clean publish

To run the tests type

ant test

To (re)generate the parser and and syntax tree, type:

ant clean tree

Directory structure:

  • Ceylon.g - the ANTLR grammar for the language
  • Ceylon.nodes - the specification of the syntax tree
  • src/ - the Java implementation of the type analyzer
  • languagesrc/ - the Ceylon implementation of the language module
  • test - the tests for the type analyzer, written in Ceylon, with a special @assertion syntax extension
  • lib/ - required dependencies for building and running the tests
  • treegen/ - the ANTLR grammars that generate the syntax tree
  • gensrc/ - the generated Java implementation of the parser and syntax tree


The local repository is created under ~/.ceylon/repo

To publish the type checker and language module (this is required before building the compiler), type:

ant publish

Other commands:

  • ant clean.repo - clean local repository
  • ant publish.language.module - publish ceylon.language module as .template file in the local repo
  • ant publish.typechecker - publish typechecker jar in the local repo
  • ant publish - publish both


The content of this repository is released under the ASL v2.0 as provided in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code.

By submitting a "pull request" or otherwise contributing to this repository, you agree to license your contribution under the license mentioned above.