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RPC4Django is an XMLRPC and JSONRPC server for Django powered projects. Simply plug it into any existing Django project and you can make your methods available via XMLRPC and JSONRPC.
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pip install rpc4django[reST]


  1. First, you need to add new url pattern to your root file. You can replace r'^RPC2$' with anything you like.

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        # rpc4django will need to be in your Python path
        (r'^RPC2$', 'rpc4django.views.serve_rpc_request'),
  2. Second, add RPC4Django to the list of installed applications in your

  3. Lastly, you need to let RPC4Django know which methods to make available. RPC4Django recursively imports all the apps in INSTALLED_APPS and makes any methods importable via with the @rpcmethod decorator available as RPC methods. You can always write your RPC methods in another module and simply import it in

    # testapp/
    from rpc4django import rpcmethod
    # The doc string supports reST if docutils is installed
    @rpcmethod(name='mynamespace.add', signature=['int', 'int', 'int'])
    def add(a, b):
        '''Adds two numbers together
        >>> add(1, 2)
        return a+b
  4. For additional information, read the docs

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