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A wrapper class for creation and modification of EPrints on Southampton University's EPrints Widely Repository Software
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This is a PHP tool for creating and modifying records within the EPrints repository software using the SWORD protocol.

System Requirements

eprintsDepositHelper is written for EPrints version 3.3.x. It will not work with any earlier versions, because of major changes in the way EPrints handles SWORD between version 3.2 and 3.3. Whereas EPrints 3.2 supported the SWORD v1, EPrints 3.3 is written for SWORD v2. You can read more about the SWORD interface in EPrints 3.3 here.


EPrintsWrapper.php is the core tool, and can be used to create new eprints on your EPrints server. Note that while the EPrints API supports the full set of CRUD operations, EPrintsWrapper.php does not (yet) support reading, updating or deleting existing eprints. To explain how to use it, let's take a quick look at the sample form depositforms/simpleuse_form.php.

simpleuse_form.php first sets up a basic HTML form, and then creates a new EPrintsWrapper:

$wrapper = new EPrintsWrapper($eprintsServiceDocument, $username, $password);

When creating the wrapper, you need to supply the URL of the service document. The SWORD service document specifies the available collections, upload sizes and formats that EPrints will accept. A user name and password for EPrints is also required.

Having created the wrapper, the metadata that the user entered in the form is then added:

for($i=0; $i<count($_POST['authorgiven']); $i++)
    $wrapper->addCreator(trim($_POST['authorfamily'][$i]), trim($_POST['authorgiven'][$i]), trim($_POST['authorID'][$i]));

$wrapper->title = trim($title);
$wrapper->ispublished = $ispublished;
$wrapper->addEPrintMetadata($wrapper->title, $type);

Now that the metadata is complete, any files associated with the deposit are added:

for($i=0; $i<$filecount; $i++)

Now the new eprint deposit is ready, and can be shipped off to the EPrints server like so:

$new_id = $wrapper->commitNewEPrint();
print("New eprint will be at: <a href=\"http://witeprints/cgi/users/home?screen=EPrint%3A%3AView&eprintid=".$new_id."\" target=\"_blank\">".$new_id."</a>");
if($new_id == EPrintsWrapper::ERROR_VALUE)
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