A bunch of powershell modules that make it even easier to work with nuget
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Same as NuGet http://nuget.codeplex.com/license


NuGetPowerTools is a collection of powershell modules that add useful functions for working with nuget inside Visual Studio.


Using the package is good if you want to share these commands with all developers working on a particular project. Just do:

Install-Package NuGetPowerTools

NuGet profile

You can also manually import this module into your profile script, so that the functionality is always there. Read more here

Using the package

Package Restore and Build

NuGetPowerTools make it super easy to enable package restore and building a package from your project.

For restore, just type:


This command will add true in your project file(s).

For build:


This command will add true in your project file(s).

How it works

Both restore and build will download nuget.exe and some custom build targets and will automatically hook your project up to use them. It will store these in a .nuget folder (remember to check this in).