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Barebones http client that uses the owin interface built on .NET socket API.
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A bare bones, low ceremony, http client. There's a single method, Invoke that takes an owin environment that gets mutated with the response when the call to invoke is completed.


The client takes advantage of Owin middleware to build up functionality. This of course is completely optional but the list of default middleware supports making http requests via sockets, ssl support, gzipped responses, handling automatic redirects and more...

See the list of middlware here

NOTE: The api is still in flux and it will be until it feels right.


The sample uses Owin.Types from for OwinResponse.

var env = RequestBuilder.Get("");

var client = new OwinHttpClient();

await client.Invoke(env);

var response = new OwinResponse(env);

var reader = new StreamReader(response.Body);
Console.WriteLine(await reader.ReadToEndAsync());
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