Support for Discount 2.0.7's footnotes option #34

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Hi Ryan

This pull request adds support for the :footnotes option to RDiscount#new, for Discount's new footnotes feature.

This is my first pull request and I'm not sure of the best way to handle the changes to the discount submodule. All I've done in the submodule is update the discount sources to tag v2.0.7 from Orc/discount, but this pull request (for rdiscount) doesn't include the updated subproject revision; I'd have to submit a request for that (discount), then wait for you to pull, then submit this pull request (rdiscount). It's probably much easier for you to pull the v2.0.7 changes in directly.

Even if you don't like my changes, you may want the first commit which only touches the instructions in BUILDING -- "rake gather" wasn't grabbing mkdio.h because you have to run first to create it from

David Röthlisberger.


Nice. Thanks. I'll get this pulled in shortly.




+716 Please, please, please.




Would really like to see this added.




When will this be pulled in? Can't wait~




Looking forward to this!


Any thing happening on this front?


I'd love to see this as well. Any update @rtomayko? Anything any of else can help with?


Any changes?




Seems like octopress could get some use out of this: imathis/octopress#253


@rtomayko: Nice. Thanks. I'll get this pulled in shortly.

Please do. This pull request is two years old. If you are waiting on anything, please let me know.


Footnotes support has now been integrated to master. RDiscount 2.0.7 (on master) will be released as a gem Real Soon Now™. Probably next week.

@davidfstr davidfstr closed this Jan 25, 2013

RDiscount 2.0.7 (with footnotes support) has been released. See the RDiscount release announcement.

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