Create UML diagrams from your PHP source.
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A tool to create PlantUML class diagrams from your PHP source.

Currently the following language features are supported:

  • Property and method visibility
  • Static properties and methods
  • Method return types from doc comment
  • Parameter types from type hinting and doc comment
  • Parameter default values
  • Class constants with value
  • Property types from doc comment
  • Property default values
  • Implemented interfaces and parent classes
  • Abstract classes


To generate the PlantUML code a decent version of PHP will suffice. And you need Composer to install the dependencies:

But for image generation you need:

Phar generation

php-plantumlwriter uses Box 2 library to generate a single .phar file containing everything required for the usage.

To create the .phar file from sources just run:

$ box build


To generate the PlantUML code for WriteCommand.php run

php bin/php-plantumlwriter write src/Flagbit/Plantuml/Command/WriteCommand.php > WriteCommand.puml

which will output

class Flagbit.Plantuml.Command.WriteCommand {
    #execute(input: Symfony.Component.Console.Input.InputInterface, output: Symfony.Component.Console.Output.OutputInterface)
class Flagbit.Plantuml.Command.WriteCommand extends Symfony.Component.Console.Command.Command

Now you can convert your puml file to a png file.:

java -jar plantuml.jar WriteCommand.puml

The resulting png should look like this:

WriteCommand Class Diagram

If you have a large class with lots of methods you can suppress method printing using the --without-methods flag:

php bin/php-plantumlwriter write --without-methods path/to/your/LargeClass.php

Other available options are --without-properties and --without-constants.

You can also generate a whole directory at once:

php bin/php-plantumlwriter write path/to/directory

Or multiple files or directories:

php bin/php-plantumlwriter write path/to/ClassOne.php path/to/ClassTwo.php path/to/directory

Known Issues

  • Imported classes are currently not handled correctly if read from doc comment (use-Statement is not fully evaluated) which affects return values and property types. use Namespace\B will be evaluated and expanded but use Namespace\B as C is not yet de-aliased.
  • The Namespace Seperator is "." and not "\".
  • Traits are not yet supported. See #4

Future Plans

  • Add support for class relations, maybe with quantifiers. This could be parsed from the doc comments. We could also guess the foreign quantifier (@var OtherClass as "..1" and @var OtherClass[] as "..*"), but we can't determine our quantifier. If doctrine annotations are present we can use them.
  • Evaluate Implementation of Visitor Pattern
  • Implement own set of Interfaces