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A React-Native monitor for NanoPool Mining Stats
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A React-Native monitor for NanoPool Mining Stats focused on streamlined UI


  • Account payout balance
  • Live historic mining rate calculated from shares submitted (also miner reported hashrates for supported currencies)
  • Current address balances (ETH only)
  • Running hashrate averages from current instantaneous rate to 24h
  • Worker hashrate and running hashrate averages (3h,6h,12h)


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Mining Stats Worker Info
Screenshot1 Screenshot2


Currently supports Ethereum and Siacoin, plans to include all Nanopool supported Cryptos in the future

Drop me an email for feature requests or bug reports (or open a github issue), I'd appreciate it :)

If you like it feel free to tip me at

ETH: 0xb576c106e18bc53a0294097b4fe9a525ec38ea5f

SC: 2ab6081ab406788aeb4a32b931b00464da5369f9888f67f3ea95729b9009c32761bc01cd3226

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