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WhatsApp protocol implementation for libpurple (Pidgin)

Important! As of April 15th 2016 I won't be working on this plugin anymore. If someone wants to pick up development feel free to email me. There are some other up-to-date APIs that you may want to check (yowsup, ChatAPI, etc).

Get a copy

To get meaningful instructions on how to use this (if you are a user, not a developer) please go to (Instructions for Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows are provided).

Official binary sources (provided by davidgfnet):


Just run make (if you have to choose between 32 and 64 bit, run make ARCH=i686 or make ARCH=x86_64). Makefile.mingw is the Makefile for 32-bit Windows.


I want to be updated on news about this plugin

If you are a telegram user, just join the whatsapp_purple channel (

How do I get my user name and password?

Your user name is your phone number (including the country code but without any additional leading zeros, e.g. 4917012345678), as for the password there are many ways to get it. You can either sniff it or just ask for a new one. Check these links here:

If you want to register a new WhatsApp account, you can use tools like yowsup or WART:

Please, do not contact me by email for this kind of issues, I won't answer your questions. For developing matters you can open an issue, create a pull request or (in case you think it's necessary) email me.

How do I get graphical WhatsApp smileys?

You need to install and enable the Emoji smiley theme. Just copy one of the subdirectories from following Git repositories to $HOME/.purple/smileys/ and enable the newly installed theme in the Pidgin preferences window:

How do I get a meaningful backtrace?

In order to get a proper backtrace, you can either use your package manager to install a debug package or rebuild the library with debug symbols using make debug.


WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc registered in the U.S. and other countries. This project is an independent work and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Whatsapp Inc.


WhatsApp protocol implementation for libpurple (pidgin)






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