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Hacking on Sparkfun 9dof block for Edison (LSM9DS0)
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Hacking on Sparkfun 9dof block for Edison (LSM9DS0)

Some initial code to get data out of the Sparkfun 9 Degrees of Freedom Block for Intel Edison. The block contains a LSM9DS0 9DOF IMU with a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis magnetometer.

The code is currently just hacks, might grow into a library. Lots of inspiration has been taken from the LSM9DS0_Breakout project. All the magic byte values are from the LSM9DS0 datasheet.

Feel free to use this code in any way you want: let's say "New BSD license".


test: prints out either sensor values or flight dynamic parameters (yaw, roll & pitch). Can also dump all configuration register contents. test will use bias files generated by the calibration utilities, if they exist.

calibrate-acc-gyro: produces calibration data for accelerometer and gyroscope. Device should stand motionless on level and stable surface during the calibration.

calibrate-mag: produces calibration data for magnetometer. Device should be turned to every direction during the calibration.

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