C Library for streaming to Initial State
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##Initial State C-Library

This is a small C-Library to allow for bucket creation and data streaming to Initial State

Designed to run on the Intel Edison, it uses Libcurl rather than openssl directly as Intel Edison's openssl implementation is insufficient.

It consist of only 2 functions defined as follows:

int create_bucket(char *access_key, char *bucket_key, char *bucket_name);


int stream_event(char *access_key, char *bucket_key, char *json);

Both functions return 0 on success or 1 on failure. Libcurl will print out error messages for you.

##Adding to your project

Just add #include "initial-sate.h"

to your C code and make sure that your Makefile compiles initial-state.c to initial-state.o, adds that .o file to your final executable, and adds -lcurl to the LIBS at compile time.


There is none. This code is free to anyone for anything. Bugs and all. I will not be responsible for failures, pay raises, or world domination as a result of using this code.

But you can send me money if you want.